Principal's Address 20 November 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 20 November 2015

  • November 19, 2015

Principal’s Address 20 November 2015

Remembrance Day Service

Sadly, the Remembrance Day Service at the Beerwah RSL Cenotaph was cancelled this year. As the RSL has gone into receivership there was a public liability insurance problem which meant the community could not access the property to hold this solemn event.

However, this doesn’t mean we didn’t commemorate the day and especially the minute’s silence at College. Students in various year levels have been learning about the significance of the day in different ways. It is important not to forget the ultimate sacrifice so many made on our behalf.

Agricultural Science Facility

I am delighted to announce that the P and F have donated 17 000 dollars towards establishing an on-campus Agricultural Science facility.

Our Ag Science program is a popular and important one that we offer at GCC. At present the course is conducted largely off campus in partnership with a local farm and a family of the College. This means that, due to the timetable constraints, we can only offer Ag Science to Senior students. We believe this is an important subject for our students and our community so we would like to extend this offering as much as possible.

As the new parcel of land becomes further developed, the College is in a position to establish our own Ag Science facility here on the campus. The immediate benefit of this is that the option to study this subject will be made available to more students. It will also mean that current timetable constraints will be removed.

The plan is in its infancy at this stage and I will keep you updated as to its progress.

Traffic toys in the Lower Primary Outdoor Learning Area (OLA)

The P and F are committed to funding projects that lead to an enriched learning experience for their sons and daughters at GCC. These are projects that the College is not in a position to fund but are desirable. For this reason the College has asked the P and F to assist with the purchase of ride on cars, bikes and model traffic signs that will transform the OLA into a model road system every lunch time, not unlike what you may see in some parks.

The P and F has happily donated 4000 dollars towards this project.

This area will also be used during road safety lessons and is going to be a very popular for the students during break times where they will enjoy lots of imaginative play and also learn to develop their road sense.

I’m sure you will all join with me in thanking the P and F for this donation. It represents many hours of hard work in gift stalls, pie drives, barbeques, discos, and much more. This is the also the ideal opportunity for me to encourage anyone who would like to help with the 2016 Funfest to contact Lynelle at to find out more information. Funfest raises an incredible amount of funds for the College and every dollar is put to good use benefitting the students.

Year 12 Formal

Every year at this time I am astounded at the metamorphosis of Year 12 school boys and girls as they become beautifully dressed young men and women. The red carpet arrival is more than just our Year 12 students showing off their new dress, suit or choice of transport – it is their way of showing us all that they have grown up and are ready for the next stage of their lives.

The grandeur and scenery of Flaxton Gardens was entirely appropriate as a backdrop and venue for our graduating students and even the sun shone brightly for this exalted occasion.

As the night wore on it became less formal as students relaxed and enjoyed themselves over dinner before venturing onto the dance floor. It was a great night to celebrate not only the end of the recent exams but the end of 13 years of school life.

Year 12 Graduation and Clap Out

As you read this we would have already experienced the one event of the year with the highest emotions – Year 12 Graduation and Clap Out.

There are a lots of tears from staff, other students and the Year 12s themselves as the finality of the event sinks in. There is excitement about the future, sadness at leaving, relief that the last exam (for now) was over and a real sense that it was the end of something special and the beginning of something new.

It is also special time for our Prep classes as they look on to where they will hopefully be in 12 years’ time and share in the excitement of the morning.

On behalf of everyone at the College I would like to wish our Year 12 students of 2015 all the very best. I look forward to learning of their accomplishments in the future.

Due to deadlines, we cannot include any photos in the newsletter but they will be up on the website and Facebook Friday afternoon.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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