Senior School News 28 May 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 28 May 2015

  • May 25, 2015

Senior School News 28 May 2015

Challenge of the minds

It was a great competition last Thursday – The Senior School Legacy Cup “Challenge of the Minds”. Each house put forward their greatest intellectual minds to compete.  The stage looked impressive!

Round 1 started with five general knowledge questions asked to each house and Ararat took out an early lead answering all but one of the questions correctly.  Sinai and Ararat were chasing closely, only one question behind.

It was then onto Round 2 which was individual responses to questions that each competitor could choose from the Arts and Entertainment, Mathematics or Science.  The crowd was enraptured with the way in which some competitors shrugged off the 10 seconds to reply and instead fired back responses before the question even finished.  At the end of Round 2, Ararat was still in the lead with Sinai only 1 question behind again and Zion starting to buckle under the academic rigour.

Finally we entered into Round 3.  In this round of speed questions, both Sinai and Ararat drew with Zion continuing to lag behind.

In the final tally it was Ararat in front on 80 points, Sinai came second on 65 points and Zion on 45 points.

Secondary Interhouse Athletics

Next Week, Thursday 4 June is our next inter-house competition; the Secondary Athletics Carnival. This event is being held earlier this year due to the preparation we want to make prior to District carnivals.  We also are holding it earlier so it does not clash with exams and other assessments.

The Carnival will be held at Skippy Park and we are hoping to get events underway by 9am.  Buses will be taking students from school to Skippy park however students can also make their own way to the event.  Rolls will be marked at Skippy Park.

Please note: House shirts must be worn to and from this event even if students wish to dress in more unconventional House items at the Carnival.

Open Day

A special thanks to all students and families and staff who came to our Open Day on 16 May and worked tirelessly throughout.  It was a fantastic day and our students acted as great ambassadors of the College.  I received many comments along the lines of “Glasshouse Christian College has a special spirit”.  It certainly did on Open Day and it was great to showcase to the wider community what our students and staff do.

Exam Block

As we draw closer to the end of term, it is now important that students are setting aside time for planning and preparation of exams and other assessments.  In Senior we try to minimise all disruptions to class time in the three weeks prior to exams.  This is vital to ensure students are able to focus on these important assessments. Please encourage your child to start planning their revision calendar.

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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