Secondary Swimming Carnival - Glasshouse Christian College

Secondary Swimming Carnival

  • February 19, 2014

For the first time this year the swimming carnival was separated into Primary and Secondary events. This meant more time for novelty races and even a hotly contested fashion of the pool award won by Ella Mickelson dressed in very colourful attire.

With the absence of Primary students the Beerwah Pool was still bustling with excited Secondary students. With all students dressed in team colours and cheering throughout the day, the rivalry was at an all time high. House war cries resounded regularly throughout the day and it was Zion who this year showed the most enthusiasm to win the spirit award.

Competition was extremely close across most age groups with some champions being decided by just a few points. Students swam in divisions according to their efforts on trial day and it was a fantastic spectacle to see the regular close finishes. Sinai gained an early lead on the points tally however it was once again Ararat who emerged as well deserved house champions.

The standard of swimming continues to improve as this year 37 new records were set in some outstanding swims. Congratulations to all students who managed to qualify to swim at the district carnival. In particular our age champions and record breakers.

Thank you to all parents, teachers and house captains who helped make the day a success.

This year’s boys and girls swimming age champions and record breakers are as follows…

Age Champions



Sophie Trevan
Beau Howard


Stephanie Ferris
Daniel O’Farrell


Shannon Howard
Jack Fissendon


Nichola Bates
Connor Chapman


Andrea Little
Jesse Snelling


Jayme-Lee Groer
Adrian White


Record Breakers



Sophie Trevan12yrs4 x 50 Medley50m Back
Chloe Dunford12yrs4 x 50 Medley
Beau Howard12yrs4 x 50 Medley50m Back100m Freestyle

50m Breast

50m Freestyle

Daniel O’Farrell13yrs50m Free,50m Butterfly50m Freestyle
Matthew Fisher13yrs50m Back
Jack Fissendon14yrs4 x 50 Medley50m Butterfly50m Back

100m Freestyle

50m Breast

Connor Chapman15yrs4 x 50 Medley50m Butterfly50m Back

100m Freestyle

James Proud15yrs50m Breast
Andrea Little16yrs50m Back50m Freestyle
Jake Hoeksema16yrs4 x 50 Medley
Thom Thow16yrs50m Back
Adrian WhiteOpens4 x 50 Medley100m Freestyle
Abbey BatesOpens4 x 50 Medley100m Freestyle
Jayme-Lee GroerOpens50m Back50m Freestyle

I hope you enjoy the photo galleries below:

Photographs by Rob Hill. If you would like to see more of Rob Hill’s photography please visit BeerwahHills Photography Facebook page.

Photos by Jenny Ritson

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