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School selection process now begins before birth!

  • May 5, 2022

School selection process now begins before birth!

Did you know that 26 per cent of parents start the school selection process before or from their child’s birth? A few years ago, that seemed a ridiculous statistic that would only apply to prestigious city schools, but things are changing quickly.

The first time someone enrolled their baby at Glasshouse Christian College, we thought it was fantastic but a little early. However, Prep at GCC is already full for 2023 and numbers are building for 2024.

At this time of year, we are often asked why we have an Open Day when many of the classes have waiting pools but here are five reasons that you may not be aware of:

1. GCC’s Open Day is for current families too

GCC’s Open Day is for our current families just as much as it is for new parents searching for a school. It is a wonderful celebration of our students’ talents which are on show during the many performances and activities. It is also a fun family day out with free activities, food trucks and the famous P and F barbeque. Open Day is one of the few times that our current families can tour our new facilities and see all the classrooms their children use. Families with primary children can see the secondary classrooms and learn more about the subjects and electives their children will be doing in secondary school.

2. Waiting pools shrink rapidly

Even though we have waiting pools in many year levels and Prep 2023 is fully booked, things change quickly. The waiting pools are short and we are seeing more families move in and out of the area than ever before so it often doesn’t take long to rise to the top of the list. Some of our senior students leave to take on an apprenticeship or dream job opportunity so there are often vacancies in Years 11 and 12.

3. Education is important

Attending GCC’s Open Day says to your child that their education is important to you. They may not notice you paying the tuition fees but they will take notice when you attend Open Day with them. Enjoy their performances or even spend the time watching their friends perform.

4. Connect with others

GCC’s Open Day is perfect for connecting with other parents. Catch up with those you know and meet others for the first time. Connecting with other parents is a gateway for great friendships and who knows the child-minding swaps and barbeques that might result from this.

5. Begin early

For the 26 per cent of parents who have begun the school selection process, GCC’s annual Open Day is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the College, tour the facilities and ‘feel’ our wonderful atmosphere that is commented on so frequently. This is the time to enrol early for future Prep years or Year 7 if you currently have children in another Primary School.

Glasshouse Christian College’s Open Day is on Saturday 21 May between 10am and 2pm. Please register your attendance HERE.

The Open Day Program has just been published and you can find all the details below:

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