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Winner of the photography gift voucher

  • August 16, 2018

Winner of the photography gift voucher

Thank you to everyone who participated in this small competition. We found your feedback very helpful. We are pleased to announce the winner as Brett and Kirsty Newell. Congratulations Newell family who have won a photography voucher valued at $545.

We thought you may be interested in some of the answers to see if they ‘gel’ with what you would have said. This week we will share what the entrants like best about GCC.

The children, parents and the new friendships being made!
We love that every child and their capabilities are catered for. Extension programs for the children that are requiring more academically and Learning Support for the children that need that one on one help.
They put the kids first.
The warmth and inclusiveness within the school. Everyone we have encountered has been pleasant, welcoming and our children are thriving.
The sense of community. Beautiful people both families and staff.
Absolutely the ‘community school’ spirit.
The teachers and how they take the time to personally get to know their students’ strengths and weaknesses and using this knowledge to guide them not just academically but emotionally and spiritually.
The sense of community between parents, teachers and members of the church. Being part of the school and church gives a feel of, “it takes a village to raise a child”. You know there are lots of people there if you, your child or family needs it.
That my kids can get a caring, dedicated education at a private school, at an affordable price. (And everyone is so welcoming and friendly!)
The culture.
The teachers are very supportive and everyone is very friendly and we have a very awesome volleyball program and with our new sports stadium, hopefully, it will encourage more students to come to our school.
Caring, approachable staff. Welcoming, positive school community.
The general feel of the place and the happy people.
That they stand for Godly principles and values and are a warm and loving community. The Principal has authority, kindness and a heart after God.
Caring staff and sense of community.
Most teachers seem genuinely interested in the kids.
The Christian values, the caring staff that go beyond what is expected of them – no matter what their role is (admin or teaching), the name of God is reflected in all aspects and surrounding the underpinning pedagogy and the location of the school is also so very convenient.
The caring and family atmosphere.
The growth mindset teachings and staff invested in the children’s futures.
The supportive community and well resourced school.
That community feeling!
I love the community feel of the school and the staff are amazing.
Community, respectful guidance and support for families and our children.
The family and community feeling.
Great teachers, staff, community who listen to children and parents.
The positive environment.
Feels like a big family/community.
I like the community feel that it has – whether it be with the teachers/staff or the other parents – it’s all positive.
Godly values.
Caring teachers.
It’s friendly, caring and considerate staff and the beautiful natural surroundings our children get to learn in.
The sense of community, one big family.


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