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Amazing ‘Aggies’ have done it again!

  • August 16, 2018

Amazing ‘Aggies’ have done it again!

Wow! The Year 10 Agricultural Science students and Jess Perro (Year 11) attended the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries awards ceremony this week and enjoyed incredible success. There were even more prizes than we expected or knew about! Here is the list:

  • Jessica Perro 2018 Conference Award UQ FEAST Scholarship Award
  • Travis Kuijpers-Weeks Runner up Paul Johnston Memorial Senior Science Award Runner up QUT Scientific Poster Award
  • Noah Woolston QATC TASTE Scholarship Award
  • Elliot Stevens QATC TASTE Scholarship Award
  • Year 10 Agricultural Science Class Overall Class Second Prize

Jess Perro was also invited as a guest speaker at the awards event and presented the most riveting information on her research. Jess was the only student to speak among Scientists, Ministers and Professors and was easily one of the best speakers at the event!

The students’ work consisted of a research investigation, whereby they conducted an experiment that looked into factors that affected plant growth and how these could be analysed by drone technology. The students ran a fertiliser trial over eight weeks, looking at the effects of fertiliser application forms on growth rate and plant health, and assessed the plant growth using digital technologies. They then had to investigate the roles of technology in current Australian agriculture, which included grower and technical expert surveys, interviews and solid research, to be presented as a scientific poster. Finally, the students had to put together a time-lapse of plant growth and get a little creative.

We are so proud of our Agricultural Science students and all their efforts.

Jade King, Head of Agricultural Science


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