Queensland’s most innovative school: Glasshouse Christian College

GCC: Queensland’s most innovative school

  • November 16, 2017

GCC: Queensland’s most innovative school

The Courier Mail named us as Queensland’s most innovative school in its headline of a recent article! This article was followed up by a second installment discussing the best 12 in Queensland Queensland’s most innovative schooland we were included in this list as well as having our very own story as the most innovative school in Queensland. Unfortunately, the second installment of the feature is only available to Courier Mail subscribers otherwise we would have shared it here. There are 1723 schools in Queensland so this is a title we can all be proud of.

To receive this pronouncement, the journalist in charge of the story went to Education Queensland, Catholic Education and Independent Schools Queensland and asked for a list of schools that were the most innovative in their respective sectors. We are honoured that our body, Independent Schools Queensland, put us as one of the top of the list in a field of 140 and it is a testament to our commitment to do school “a little differently” to meet the needs of our students as they venture into an uncertain future. Amongst these schools are the most expensive and salubrious in Queensland so it is a wonderful achievement to be acknowledged ahead of this company.

A slightly different print version was published on Monday 13 November with a lovely photo of our DeLorean students with their Operation Pyjama project.

Congratulations to Rob Steffler who fielded most of the interview questions and spoke with such conviction and passion. Most of all, congratulations to our students whose creativity and fervour caught the attention of a large paper and radio station.

Remembrance Day

This year, Remembrance Day was on Saturday so I want to thank all the students who came with me and played a part in the Turner Park service. They included: Lize Kasselman, Arno Mens, Madeleine Roulston, Julian Munyard, Stephanie Freeman, Jasmine Andrews and Kyara. Thanks also to Bakani Kombanie who bugled and Ariana Doolan and Olivia Logar who sang in the service. Jesse Woods and Jayde Curtis also participated in a small ceremony at Australia Zoo on Saturday.

Year 12s offered university places

Our Year 12s have finally completed their exams but before they even began, ten of them were offered places at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Please join with me in congratulating the following students on their achievement.

  • Abbey Brockhurst – Bachelor of Nursing Science
  • Ellen Byrne – Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business
  • Kerryn Geldenhuys – Bachelor of Nursing Science
  • Tegan Gisler – Bachelor of Business
  • Emily Grigor – Bachelor of Business (Tourism, Leisure and Event Management)
  • Hannah Johnson – Bachelor of Nursing Science
  • Isabella Sponza – Bachelor of Business
  • Harrison Stevens – Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science
  • Rose Stokes – Bachelor of Social Work/Bachelor of Criminology and Justice
  • Lauren Vallely – Bachelor of Nursing Science

Y Block opening

This year it was decided that our College Pastors need a special location to call their own, to decorate it in the style of a cafe more than a classroom so that young people feel particularly welcome. This is a place where all manner of programs, bible studies, prayer groups and just general hangouts take place. Y Block has been on campus since 7 July and has been in use the whole semester. However, it was finally ready for its official grand opening on Friday 10 November and what a transformation from when it first arrived. The pastoral team held staff devotions out the front of Y Block to dedicate it to the glory of God and it was a moving service. Special thanks to Stephanie Alksne for volunteering so much of her time to help make the room look so fabulous.


Every year at this time I am astounded at the metamorphosis of Year 12 school boys and girls as they become beautifully dressed young men and women. The red carpet arrival is more than just our Year 12 students showing off their new dress, suit or choice of transport – it is their way of showing us all that they have grown up and are ready for the next stage of their lives.

The grandeur and scenery of Flaxton Gardens was entirely appropriate as a backdrop and venue for our graduating students and even the sun shone brightly for this exalted occasion.

As the night wore on it became less formal as students relaxed and enjoyed themselves over dinner before venturing onto the dance floor. It was a great night to celebrate not only the end of the recent exams but the end of 13 years of school life.

Year 12 Graduation and Clap Out

As you read this we would have already experienced the one event of the year with the highest emotions – Year 12 Graduation and Clap Out.

There are a lot of tears from staff, other students and the Year 12s themselves as the finality of the event sinks in. There is excitement about the future, sadness at leaving, relief that the last exam (for now) was over and a real sense that it was the end of something special and the beginning of something new.

It is also a special time for our Prep classes as they look on to where they will hopefully be in 12 years’ time and share in the excitement of the morning.

On behalf of everyone at the College, I would like to wish our Year 12 students of 2017 all the very best. I look forward to learning of their accomplishments in the future.

Due to deadlines, we cannot include any photos in the newsletter but they will be up on the website and Facebook soon.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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