Principal's Address 26 June 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 26 June 2015

  • June 24, 2015

Principal’s Address 26 June 2015


Our College mission statement is: ‘The College seeks to work together with parents and will endeavour to provide the human and practical resources, the environment, the encouragement and the opportunities to develop the gifts and talents God has given their children so that they may respond to and fulfil the call of God in their lives.’

Parenting and teaching are both challenging tasks but they become much simpler and more effective when we work together. A big part of working together is communication and that is where two important sections of our website come into action.

I wanted to remind you of two ways to stay in touch and point out the small changes since our change in name.

Grandparents’ Day

This is a very special day in our College calendar where we honour our grandparents and show them what school is like for their grandchildren. This year the big event is happening at the end of our first week back on Friday 24 July. More information can be found later in this newsletter but please mark the date on your calendar and let the grandparents know as soon as possible. You can also click here to go directly to the invitation.

Nepal Day

On Tuesday 16 June we held a whole of College Nepal Day. Staff and students were asked to come dressed in the colours of the Nepali flag and pay a donation towards rebuilding the lives and villages of those affected by the earthquakes.

We raised a total of $2171.10 (including $250 from Hospitality Café sales) and this money will be given to the International Nepal Fellowship who is working closely with the Nepal Government and people on the ground. INF has just signed a new agreement with the government and increased their focus on building temporary classrooms to help children back to school.

Thanks to all the parents who helped their students dress for the part and donate funds. I know many of our older students gave from their own funds and want to thank them for their sacrifice.

Mid-year holidays

I hope you will be able to plan some fun, relaxation and lots of family times during the upcoming holidays. I know that our students have been working hard and deserve a good and restful break. Please remember that Monday 13 July to Friday 17 July is a pupil free week so the students don’t come back until Monday 20 July. See you then.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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