Principal's Address 24 May 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 24 May 2013

  • May 24, 2013

Principal’s Address 24 May 2013

Open Day 

After all the wet weekends this year, we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine for our Open Day last Saturday and it was a great event.

I was particularly thrilled with the attendance of our current families. It really added to the buzz and community atmosphere on the day.Once again our students did us proud. I don’t have the exact head count yet but there must have been more than 150 students volunteering on the day. Our greeters and tour guides did a brilliant job guiding new visitors around the College and it was delightful to see them in action.

We also had our hard working Hospitality students who toiled from first thing in the morning until after the event was over. Their efforts seemed tireless and they greeted everyone with warmth and friendliness.

I think we had more performances this year than any other Open Day so I want to thank all those students who gave up a chunk of their Saturday to participate in Music, Dance, Drama, Cheerleading and other performances.

The P and F did a marvellous job of the sausage sizzle and the savoury aroma drew visitors from far and wide. The P and F also used the day to invite everyone to the Trivia Night on Saturday 15 June and I don’t think a single person left the College without receiving an invitation by Mark Westaway.

Please enjoy the photo gallery below to see more of this special event.


GCCC is now mobile ready

Those of you who attended Open Day may have seen our new QR Code around the campus. QR stands for Quick Response and it acts like an abbreviated, mobile-friendly website with basic, easy to access information. This is a fast, convenient and easy way to call the office, ring the absentee line, check the GCCC calendar for important dates or access the full GCCC website from your smart phone.

The GCCC mobile site has all the quick functions you may need at the tap of a button. You can even access the full GCCC website from it.  Once you are in the full GCCC website it will revert to normal PC mode with the exception of the home page.

Follow the instructions below to put the GCCC mobile site icon on your smart phone.

For iPhones: download the QR Scanner for free from iTunes. Scan the GCCC QR code (right). When the mobile site comes up, tap the icon with the arrow and then tap “Add to Home Screen”.

For Androids (i.e. Samsung/HTC/Nokia, etc.): download the QR Scanner for free from Play Store. Scan the GCCC QR code (right). Add to Bookmarks. Tap and hold the Bookmark. “Add to Home Screen”.QR Code

GCCC’s QR code will be refined over the coming months to meet the needs of our parents but for now it can take you directly to the Admin phone number and has a list of the school terms and office hours. If your child is ill the app takes you directly to an absentee form or the absentee phone number. If you need more information you can choose to go to GCCC’s full website by tapping on that option.

Western Car Park Delay

I have been confidently spruiking over several communications now, that the western church carpark at the College entrance is going to be sealed over the up and coming school holidays. Unfortunately, I have to eat a slice of humble pie and say this is not going to be the case and the project is going to be delayed. This is for a few reasons, but the two most pressing are that the project is going to take considerably longer than the four weeks we anticipated and the council approval process is taking longer than we would have hoped. I will let you know when this project has been rescheduled.

Metal Fabrication and Change rooms block update

On the positive side we are now only a few short weeks away from taking possession of our metal fabrication and automotive facility along with amenities, change room and store room. The metal fabrication part will house a hydraulic lift for putting a car on along with amazing 3D printers, computerized routers and lathes. It will be a great enhancement to our Manufacturing course.

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

Thank you for all of the responses we have had for the survey on providing an OSHC facility here at GCCC. I am pleased to say we are going ahead with an OSH Club next term. This will be a fully registered service with the government so users can claim the Child Care Rebate and the second rebate that is means tested. Our hours before and after will most likely be from 6.30am before school and up to 6.00pm after school. Vacation care may also be provided.

The service will be run by Helping Hands after school care which have successful operations running in many Sunshine Coast schools including some local schools. The cost (before any rebates have been applied) will be:

Before school: $14 per session

After school: $18 per sessionAs we finalise the details we will keep everyone informed as to the latest developments.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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