Principal's Address 21 March 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Principal’s Address 21 March 2014

  • March 19, 2014

Principal’s Address 21 March 2014

New look newsletter

I hope you like our new look printed PDF newsletter and enjoy reading the stories inside. The newsletter is now also available on a magazine hosting site which will make it more user friendly for you to view it on your favourite app.

Celebration for three staff members

On Friday afternoon of 3 March we celebrated three staff members who have been with the College 10 years. This is a big achievement given that the College is only 14 years old. Staff gathered outside the theatre to congratulate Brad Hampson, Heather Hill and Jane Murray and enjoy an afternoon tea together. Brad, Heather and Jane were presented with a framed certificate, a signed card and a gift voucher for a shopping spree. These three special people also had their photos added to the Staff Honour Board which hangs in the library.

Tuckshop and Uniforms

Last year we introduced the Flexischools system ( to streamline Tuckshop and Uniform Shop ordering. This is a great service that stops that last minute scramble for the right change, finding a paper bag and then writing the order in long hand. These days you can even order Tuckshop on your phone if you have the right app. Once you know your child’s size, using Flexischools for the Uniform Shop is a real time saver. You don’t have to time your availability with the Uniform Shop hours and there is no waiting in queues.

Flexischools is very easy to register for and use and has helped the College work more efficiently to reduce costs, keeping our fees as one of the lowest on the Sunshine Coast.  However, this system only works when people use it so I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to please use Flexischools when ordering your child’s lunch or uniforms.

School Banking

Our first school banking run was extremely successful and $981.35 was banked. A portion of this will go directly to the construction of the Isiseko Educare Centre in Cape Town, South Africa so congratulations to all our students and parents who have supported this initiative. Thanks also to Amanda Turner for all her work.

Operation Jump Street

We have emailed parents about undercover police patrols that are currently patrolling many Sunshine Coast schools (including ours) however, I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone here.

Queensland Police sent us a letter advising of the increased patrolling around our school and told us that they were targeting: Illegal parking, double parking, parking on footpaths, parking in bus stops, drivers using handheld mobile phones, seatbelt offences, crossing double/single continuous driving lines and any other breaches of the road rules.

When we first received the letter from Queensland Police we asked about the grassy area opposite the College in Roberts Road as many parents park in this section. After much investigation they advised that the council had ruled this area a footpath and cars cannot be angle parked on it without risking a fine. They advised that it was okay to park parallel on this section of the road as long as one wheel was on the road and one on the grassy area.

This ruling and the increased undercover patrols has come at a time when Beerwah High School is overhauling its car park, reducing the size of it to half until the end of the school holidays and compounding the parking situation during pick up and drop off times.

I realise this is a frustrating time and ask all families to drive safely and exercise patience and respect to other drivers on the road. Some families may find it easier to pick up their child a little later as the car park quickly empties shortly after 3.05pm. This won’t suit everyone and it is just a temporary suggestion.

The College is working toward a new car park towards the end of the year and this should accommodate up to 90 cars so our current parking challenges will not be with us forever.

ANZAC March and Service

Even though ANZAC Day still seems a long way off (25 April) the school holidays are almost here and ANZAC Day falls in the first week of Term 2.

Anyone who has been with the College for some time will know our proud tradition of supporting the local ANZAC March on ANZAC Day as a whole school. The tradition is born out of a deep respect and gratitude for our Australian soldiers and what they have done to protect our freedom.

Each year the Primary School has held a special ANZAC Day service in the church the day before the march but this year we are doing things a little differently. We will be having our first whole of school ANZAC Day service which will be held in the Senior Undercover Area at 8.30am on Thursday 24 April.

For the ANZAC Day parade, we are once again asking all students (except those attending different services in their local area) to assemble at 9.10am on the corner of Mawhinny and Free Streets in Beerwah. The march will begin at 9.30am and end at the cenotaph at Beerwah RSL where the service will commence at about 10.00am.

All students are expected to attend in their formal uniform (including formal hats for secondary students) and families are welcome to cheer them along from the sidelines. Students are asked to bring a bottle of water with them. Once again, floral tributes will be laid by the Primary, Middle and Senior School Captains.

Christien Festa update

For all those people who have been praying for Christien, God has been listening and answering our prayers. Although Christien still has a long way to go he has spoken a little to his family and is now being transferred to a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit. Please continue to pray for Christien and his family as they work together to rebuild his life.

 Mike Curtis, Principal

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