Primary News 8 November 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 8 November 2013

  • November 7, 2013

Primary News 8 November 2013

What is Bullying?

Teachers have requested we include an explanation of bullying in this week’s newsletter article.  It is important that parents and students understand what bullying IS and what bullying IS NOT.

When children work and play together, there will be times when one student does something inappropriate and upsets or hurts another student.  These actions will not be ignored and there will be consequences for any deliberate misdemeanour.

However, this is NOT BULLYING.  Bullying occurs when one or more students continually target another and it is ongoing and all about power.  Bullying may take many forms including physical, verbal and cyber issues which are ONGOING – not just once or twice.  Any inappropriate actions like these will still be followed up and dealt with if reported to staff on duty or the class teacher.  As a primary school we do bullying surveys annually and there are also letter boxes in each classroom for students to write a little note and post it if they have a concern.  These are always investigated and followed up.

Please ask your children to report any instances of legitimate bullying to class teachers or for little ones, you may wish to speak to teachers yourself.

Shoes for Primary Students

We are noticing some non-uniform shoes being worn during Term 4.  Please understand that the primary uniform is a solid black vinyl or leather jogger – no silver, white or grey colour on them.  Black canvas shoes do not conform with the uniform policy.  With just a few weeks left in 2013 please do not purchase shoes which are not a solid black vinyl or leather jogger.  Historically all children tend to begin the year with the correct shoes but we often notice that at the end of the year some non-uniform shoes being purchased for the last couple of weeks.

Chappy Pancake Breakfast and Card Swap

What a lovely time everyone had last week on Wednesday before school with children enjoying pancakes and swapping their animal cards.

This was a wonderful initiative to have a Chappies Pancake Breakfast and we thank Chappy Danni for organizing this event and Chappy Michelle for assisting.

How would we have managed without so many of our mums preparing the pancakes for this breakfast?  There were big ones and small ones, double ones with filling and berries and a variety of other pancakes all being eaten heartily in the junior undercover area.

Mrs Rosenberg’s suggestion to include the card swap was such a success and the students (and parents) had a lovely time looking for cards their children still needed for the set.

Talent Quest – Time 2 Shine

After 2 or 3 weeks of auditions the finals of the Prep – Year 2 and Year 3 – 6 talent quest were held in the theatrette last week.  It was such a joy to watch all the finalists’ acts and the judges, teachers and students appreciated each competitor’s performance and we look forward to next year when we have our next Time 2 Shine.

The winners for each section were announced at assemblies this week and were awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medallions. There were some real surprises for the judges and we were amazed at some of the talent which has been hidden.

Congratulations to the following students:

Prep – Year 2

First      –                      Ebonee Kroger

Second –                      Jayden Neideck

Third     –                      Mariah Evans

Year 3 – 6

                        First      –                       Maya Amendolia

Second –                       Julian Munyard

Third     –                       Hamish White

Mrs Bryers on Long Service Leave for the last 3 weeks of Term 4

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well for the closing part of Term 4 and for the Christmas holidays.

It is my family tradition to take each of my grandchildren on a holiday (just the two of us) when they turn 13 years of age.  My youngest grandchild is now 15 and I have decided to take her overseas for a few weeks before and during the Christmas break.

Mrs Mitchell and I have been preparing for this since mid-year and the Primary College will function as normal in my absence.  All educational procedures and school events are firmly prepared and in place and I am confident that there will be a smooth finish to the year.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Mitchell for the incredible work she has done throughout this year in leading the primary sector of the College as my colleague and also as a mentor for staff.

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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