Primary News 8 August 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 8 August 2014

  • August 7, 2014

Primary News 8 August 2014


Did you all watch Channel 7 News on Wednesday night 30 July?  After many practices since the beginning of Term 3, the big day arrived on Wednesday and our students did an amazing job.  The formation was GCCC FUNFEST in big letters with multi coloured helium balloons (held by staff and parents) in the centre.

The children sat in position for a considerable length of time waiting for the helicopter to arrive and showed such self control as they waited patiently in formation.  When the aerial photos had been taken, students (on cue) moved to the eastern fence where they remained until the helicopter landed at the opposite side of the oval.

Again on cue, students came forward to sit in class groups in front of their teachers, waiting for Bill McDonald and his camera man “Johno” to come across for the Meet and Greet.

Bill and Johno commented that the formation was amazing, and that it looked like the GCCC FUNFEST was actually sprayed on the ground. We were so proud of the children – all in their maroon hats and maroon & bottle green sports uniforms!

After the greeting, one by one, classes were able to have a look at the helicopter up close – a rare treat.

The Q & A session with some Year 6 students, Mr Rogers and Bill McDonald was held in the library amphitheatre.

The students had prepared questions that they wanted to ask Bill in relation to journalism or being a newsreader at Channel 7.  Bill and Johno both commented on the calibre of the questions students asked.  They were thoughtful and insightful.  It was interesting for the students to hear that a newsreader must work diligently at school and enjoy writing, as journalism is the basis of his work on TV.

The final part of Bill’s visit to GCCC was spending time in the Kitchen Garden.  Students had prepared frittata and lime tart the previous day in their lessons and this was presented to them by some of the Prep – Year 2 students who were working in the garden, collecting produce and preparing fresh salad for the visitors.  Bill, Johno and  Dave (the pilot) all expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the delicious morning tea.

It was an amazing morning and reinforced once again the blessing it is to be part of this great school community.

If you check SCHOOL OF THE WEEK on the Channel 7 website this week, you should be able to view the segment shown.  Channel 7 will be presenting the College with the full footage which they filmed on the day

Finally I would like to express our appreciation to the following people for the success of the Channel 7 visit – Brad Hampson, Tim Siggs, Mark Becker (for the lettering on the oval), FUNFEST committee and Fay Needham (for the helium balloons) and the Prep – Year 6 staff and students (for such an amazing effort at all the practices).

Special thanks to Michelle Thomas, Leisa McKenzie and Nicole Bradley, as the original idea to ask Channel 7 to come to GCCC came from the FUNFEST Committee.

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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