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  • August 16, 2018

Primary News

Cupcakes and conversations with Mrs Bryers:

You may have heard your children speak about the tickets they have received which go into the draw each week for nine students to come and have cupcakes (and other things like fruit & savoury items) with me on a Thursday.

This has been such a blessing for me personally as well as for the students as we are able to discuss what “value qualities” they have been focussing on that week and which one they demonstrated to receive the ticket. During the break students share the specific actions which earned them the ticket and this is a lovely time of reaffirming our values and what they look like on a day by day basis in the classroom and in the playground.

At the end of the term there will be the BIG DRAW from all the tickets which have been entered throughout the term. The names of three students from each assembly group (Years P-2, Years 3-4 & Years 5-6 – nine in total) will be drawn out and invitations will be mailed during the holidays to these students for “Lunch with Mrs Bryers” in Week 1 of Term 4.

It is refreshing to sit and have these conversations with the students to hear their heartbeat and find out some interesting things about them. We chat at length about many subjects and I have been delighted by these lovely discussions.

The wonderful thing is that every child has the opportunity to demonstrate our College values and be recognized for this. The smaller group photo was a catch up for students who were at the district athletics carnival or dance practice for the Eisteddfod last week. Believe me, they were not going to miss out! They were committed to these important events but made sure that I knew that they didn’t want to miss out.

Fill It For A Farmer

I have had some heart warming responses from College families regarding this initiative and the items are starting to come in to the classrooms. Thank you all so much.

At this stage I think we will have until late in Term 3 to collect and prepare the care packages. To be honest, we all know that one box of food and other staple items will not “save the day” for our struggling farmers who have been affected by the drought, but I really believe that these packages may “save their broken spirit” just knowing that families in a school far away cared enough about their situation that they sent care parcels to them and are praying for them. Some families, have offered to provide ‘mens’ and ‘ladies’ toiletries as well. How kind of them!

Congratulations to the group of Year 6 students who baked cupcakes and slices to raise funds for farmers. Great job, you are a real blessing to Glasshouse Christian College. These girls raised in excess of $140 to help the cause. We are also grateful to Mrs Julie Peters who facilitated the cupcake stall.

Kind regards

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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