Primary News 4.9.15 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 4.9.15

  • September 3, 2015

Primary News 4.9.15


Well, where do we go from here?  This year’s Book Parade excelled once again and one has to wonder if following years could possibly “raise the bar” any further.

The standard of the dress ups and the “buy in” from nearly all of the primary students was amazing and a real credit to families, all staff including library staff, and the students themselves.  I often say that children’s fondest memories of their school days is not what they learn,  important as this may be.  The things they remember all their lives are staff who have shaped their lives, their friends, excursions, camps and special events like the Book Week Parade.  Learning and being equipped for life educationally is an absolute “given” but must always be balanced by times like these where children’s fun tanks are filled up. That’s what memories are made of!

I cannot express enough my gratitude to every member of staff who entered into the spirit of “Books Light up Our World” for the thought and care which went into their costumes for last Thursday’s Book Week Parade.  I have taught in many schools during my teaching career but have never experienced the total “buy in” by staff and students which we have here at Glasshouse Christian College during Book Week.

This is such a team effort every year and the love of books and reading continues to increase as a result.  How wonderful is that! For all the photos of the day, click here.

5M  Celebration  –  “A Party Like No Other “ 

Last Thursday, Mrs Ramsay’s class had a celebration for surpassing the goal the class had set to read 1200 books by 27 August.  Many stories read by the students were tested with an online comprehension activity where they had to achieve 70% to be counted in the total. The class read a total of 1717 books by 27 August.

Congratulations 5M on an amazing achievementI am so glad you enjoyed Laeni Rees’s book “Tootie’s Trunk Trouble” which I was able to read to you on the day of the party.  That made a total of 1718 books!  Amazing!


Information regarding bookings for these was emailed last Friday 28 August.  Please make every effort to attend these important appointments as this demonstrates to your children that you support strong home/school connections and are very interested in their learning.

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary        


The next Legacy Cup competition is a SPELLING BEE, which will give every student the opportunity to earn points for his/her House.

Each primary student will be given a list of words (at their own level of ability) which they will learn over the last week of Term 3, the September holidays (should they wish) and Week 1 and 2 of Term 4.  These words will become their spelling programme during this time and children will concentrate on learning them and asking parents to help by revising the words during that time.  Their actual House spelling competition will be at the end of Week 2 in Term 4.  Students will score house points depending on the percentage they spell correctly from their list.

Based on class results, each teacher will nominate one student from every house to participate in the combined Spelling Bee competition which will be held on Friday 23 October.

Years 5-6:   9:15am – 10:15 am

Years 3-4:  11:30 am – 12:30pm

The points for this House team Spelling Bee will be added to the individual class results to determine the 2015 Primary Spelling Bee Competition for Legacy Cup.

The competition is not just about the talented spellers winning for their house, but for every student, regardless of which list they are on, as each list is an important part of the Spelling Bee competition and the final result.

Nicole Jen, Coordinator for Legacy Cup


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