Primary News 28 August 2020 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 28 August 2020

  • August 27, 2020

Primary News 28 August 2020

Round two of parent-teacher interviews and some other reminders

Once again, thank you all for being so supportive and understanding with continued COVID-19 restrictions and some of the adjustments that we have had to make over the last little while.

At the moment we are planning for Term 4 and some of the events that are going to be taking place next term.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Round Two of Parent-Teacher Interviews will take place in Week 1 Term 4. Bookings for a telephone interview will open in Week 8 and will close off at the end of Term 3. These interviews will be very helpful in discussing your child’s progress and some specific goals that students can or need to work on in Term 4 in order to complete the year well.

Cross Country

The Primary  Cross Country events will be taking place in the last two weeks of school. Prep – Year 2 students will be running on Thursday 10 September and Year 3 – 6 students will complete their event on Thursday 17 September. The Cross Country will take place during the school day. Please be reminded that in order to run this event safely, spectators are not permitted on the campus and so unfortunately parents will not be permitted to attend. Thank you all for your support and understanding.

Absence from school

Thank you for keeping your children home if they have not been well and helping us to keep the school community safe and well. Please be reminded to call the College and leave a message if your child is going to be away so that we can record this as an explained absence.

Emergency contact

Please could you check to make sure that the details of the Emergency Contact for your child/children is correct and up to date. We have had a few children waiting in the sickbay for lengthy periods of time as we have not been able to reach parents/caregivers or the nominated Emergency contact person.


Homework for each year level can be found on the Gateway Year Level page and is expected to be completed and submitted. Homework for all children in the Primary School includes daily reading to build reading stamina, fluency and comprehension. In addition, children may be expected to complete some revision or practice tasks. The time allocation for each year level varies but reading is expected to be done every weekday. If your child is not completing or submitting their homework we will be making contact with you. I appreciate your support and help with setting a good daily routine for homework.


As we head towards Spring and the weather warms up, it’s all the more reason for students to comply with the compulsory regulation to have a hat at school. Hats must be worn at break times and when children are outside to support our Sun Safety practices. Please help your child to be organised, making sure that their hat is named and that it is brought to school every day.

We feel blessed that we have been able to have the College open and all the children on site this term. 

Wishing you well for the last few weeks of Term 3 and for the upcoming holidays.

Kindest wishes

Gail Mitchell – Head of Primary

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