Primary News 24 March 2017 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 24 March 2017

  • March 22, 2017

Primary News 24 March 2017

Primary Leaders’ Induction

Our recent Primary Leaders’ Induction assembly was a wonderful celebration of the personal successes of the students collectively and the challenge to rise up and continue to develop their God given skills and lead in a way that brings honour to themselves, their family and their school.

The highlight of this special assembly is always the moment when parents, grandparents or a significant adult pins the leadership badge on each student. It is a very special time when the sense of pride from both students and visitors is almost tangible. Photo shoots, hugs and kisses and broad smiles create such a joyous atmosphere.

Our Performing Arts Captains blessed us with musical items and Mr Renat Yusupov held the student body and visitors captivated as he played a number of musical pieces on the cello.

We are very proud of our group of leaders for 2017 and we are confident that they will lead the student body admirable throughout the year. Photos from the day can be found here.

Legacy Cup Results

After all the excitement of war cries, sorting out the cleaning equipment gloves, brooms, dustpans, brushes, sponges etc the school was a hive of industry as students bustled around in small groups cleaning gardens, verandahs, sinks, aluminium tables and chairs and any other items they could find.

At the end of the hour the 3 judges brought their scoring sheets back and the results were as follows:

Lower Primary (Prep – Year 2)

1st Ararat 2nd Sinai 3rd Zion

Upper Primary (Years 3 – 6)

1st Ararat 2nd Sinai 3rd Zion

There were only a few points between First and Third.

The students worked so well in their house teams and have a new respect for the cleanliness of their school. One little person in lower primary was overheard saying “We need to keep the school clean all the time now”. 

Harmony Day 21 March 2017

During this week classes have been doing activities to encourage an appreciation and tolerance of people from other cultures. Our own GCC demographic is becoming more and more culturally diverse every year and this creates a wonderful environment for our children to learn about people from other parts of the world and realize that we can learn a great deal from them.

Bullying Survey

To coincide with National Week Against Bullying we conducted our annual bullying survey in Years 3 – 6 on Monday 20 March.  All children completed an anonymous on line survey at the same time.

The results of this survey were pleasing and there were no significant surprises.  The value of student voice is most beneficial as we endeavour to keep our school a safe and happy place for all students.

Shoes on after School

Students playing after school (except for dance students) should continue to wear their school uniform which includes SHOES.  Please remember that parents should be supervising all children including little ones under school age so they can play safely – particularly on the playground equipment.

Cross Country Thursday 30 March

Years 3 – 6 students will be participating in the Cross Country at the Bulldogs Sports Grounds.

Please wear Sports uniform on this day.

Sharp Reading Professional Development

Recently we had another visit from Mr Hilton Ayres from New Zealand who has been working with our primary staff and students over the past three years teaching the skill of comprehension.  Mr Ayres will return in Term 3 to continue and monitor the work from his recent visit.  We are delighted with the progress in our reading data each year as a result of Sharp Reading and other reading programmes like Literacy Pro.

Parent/Teacher Interviews and Student Led Conferences

A text will be sent next Monday to remind parents to check their appointment time as these two days at the end of Term 1 are the opportunity to find out how your children are progressing this year.

Remember that there will be child minding on both days to allow parents and Year 3 – 6 students to be able to discuss each child’s learning without interruption.


Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary

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