Primary News 19 October 2018 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 19 October 2018

  • October 18, 2018

Primary News 19 October 2018

Lunch with Mrs Bryers – Years 3-6 students: I had the pleasure of hosting a lunch in Week 1 with ten lovely students from Years 3-6. At the end of last term we combined all the tickets which students had been awarded throughout Term 3 and ten names for both Prep-Year 2 and Years 3-6 were picked out. Invitations were posted to the 20 students during the holidays and the first of these lunches was held in the Board Room last Thursday.

It was such a lovely time and we discussed everything from holidays, to how from a student perspective, we could make Glasshouse Christian College a better school. The students had a hearty appetite and I don’t think anyone went away hungry.

This week the little ones came to lunch so I will include the photo and some information about the P-2 Lunch with Mrs Bryers in next week’s newsletter. These are precious times for me as well as the students and will create sweet memories that I will take with me into my retirement.

Time to Shine

The auditions for Time to Shine started during lunch breaks this week and it was a delight to see how many students have nominated to be a part of this talent quest. It is wonderful how their confidence is growing year after year.

These auditions will continue until Wednesday 24 October and the finalists will perform on Thursday 1 November (Prep-Year 3) second break and (Years 4-6) first break. Finalists will be notified so they can keep practising before the finals.

Time to Shine allows us to identify students who have talent in the performing arts so we can give them opportunities to demonstrate their God given gifts. It is also our Term 4 Legacy Cup event and House points have been awarded to each participant in addition to the points for  first, second and third places.

Rainy days and umbrellas

Every primary class has been allocated a golf umbrella so that students may use them when it is raining. However, it would be helpful if children had a fold up umbrella (with their name on it) in their bags for moving to buses and Kiss and Go etc before and after school as well as specific lunch time activities when it is raining.

Cheryl Bryers, Head of Primary


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