Primary News 15 February 2019 - Glasshouse Christian College

Primary News 15 February 2019

  • February 14, 2019

Primary News 15 February 2019

Primary Captain’s Leadership Retreat: Last week our Year 6 Primary Captains for 2019 enjoyed a sleep over in the library as they participated in the Primary leadership retreat. This was a first and Mr Curtis launched the afternoon session where he spoke to the students about being ‘confidently courageous’ leaders.

During the afternoon we played team building games, spent time establishing goals for 2019 and we identified our character types and strengths. In the evening we took a leisurely stroll over to Mrs Brown’s where we shared a lovely dinner together. Returning to school there was time to reflect on the afternoon, have some quiet prayer time and we then set up sleeping bags in L8, ready for bed.

Student voice involves students actively participating in their school, their community and contributing to the decision-making processes. It involves collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns and ideas.

In the morning, while we shared a lovely breakfast together our leaders had the opportunity to add their voice to the leadership conversation by sharing ideas and views on improving and leading the Primary school.

We spent a very worthwhile time with our Primary leaders at this retreat and it is something that we will certainly continue to do in the years to come.

Our Primary Leaders for 2019

Primary Captains:
Aimee Cullen and Charles Atkinson

Faith Captains:
Abi Sidey and Uyapo Kombanie

Performing Arts Captains:
Ellie Nynehof and Jordan James

Ararat House Captains:
Isabella Morgan and Archer Palmer

Sinai House Captains:
Jesse Drews and Nicholas Blinston

Zion House Captains:
Chloe Turnbull and Noah Cobb

Some Reminders

School starts at 8.25am

The school day begins at 8:25am. Students who arrive late are required to sign in with the Main Administration and pick up a late slip. Children need to be at school on time so that they have a positive start to the morning. If children are late they may feel embarrassed and it disturbs a class that is already in progress.

We will contact you if we notice that your child has frequent appearances in the late report. If there are factors that are contributing to your child being late on a regular basis please chat to either Sarah Leary, Adrian Ford or myself.

Leaving College during school hours

Children are not permitted to leave the College grounds during the day without a parent/caregiver or parent designate accompanying them. Children must wait at the College Administration office where they will be collected by their parent/caregiver(s). Upon collection of the student from Main Administration, the office staff will sign out the student electronically. If children sign out before 12 midday and they do not return to school, this day will be recorded as an absent day. Please do not go directly to the classroom to collect your child and then go to the office to sign them out. Please visit Main Admin as your first port of call if you are signing out your child during or before the end of the school day.

Extended holidays – student attendance policy

The practice of taking children on holidays during term time is strongly discouraged. However, such days will be exempt from the absence classification if notification is shared with me via email or a visit, at least two weeks prior to such an event.

College Dedication Service

This will be taking place in the Sports Centre at 8:50am on Friday 15 February.

Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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