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Primary French Easter 2024

  • March 14, 2024

Primary French Easter 2024

We’re excited to share the vibrant language journey our Primary students have embarked on this term. From colours to numbers, stories, and imaginative creations, below is a glimpse into the French adventures happening in each year group.

Preps: Exploring Colours through Songs, Tastes and Experiences:

Our Preps have been immersed in the world of colours, singing ‘Brille, brille petite étoile’  ( Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)  in French, making each hue come alive. From ‘noir‘ to ‘orange,‘ they have learned through experiences like munching on oranges, creating a sensory connection to language. The highlight was the enchanting re-enactment of ‘Où est le mouton vert’ (Where is the Green Sheep)in French.

Year 1: Counting and Creativity with ‘Le Chat et la Lune‘:

Year 1 students are mastering numbers up to 20. They have brought the story of ‘Le Chat et la Lune‘ to life, creating their own moon reflections with black paper, white oil pastels, and silver stars as well as two silver moons!

Year 2: Classroom Objects and Interactive Learning:

In Year 2, it’s all about classroom objects. Students have engaged in ‘blindfold’ games and enjoyed noughts and crosses activities on iPads, making language learning a playful and interactive experience.

Year 3: Weather, Verbs, and Diaries:

Year 3 is weather-focused, learning through songs as well as action.  This has led to learning verbs in French. Activities like jumping, running, and swimming are incorporated into a mini-diary, creating a dynamic understanding of language and daily routines.

Year 4: Leisure Activities and ‘Le Tour de France‘:

Year 4 is delving into leisure activities, with a special focus on various sports. The highlight has been exploring ‘Le Tour de France,’ where students presented short talks, many detailing the significance of the different coloured jerseys.

Year 5: Imaginary Creatures and Language Fun:

Year 5 is unleashing creativity with imaginary creature stories. The complexity of adjectives and grammatical skills is made fun with interactive WhiteBoard sessions, bringing their creatures to life as descriptions unfold.

Year 6: Mastering Time and Timetables:

Year 6 is mastering the art of telling the time in French. Applying this skill, students have created their own timetables for this school session, combining language proficiency with practical use.

Deutschklub –

This has started with a small group of students wishing to learn another language.  It is on Mondays at 1st Break.  We have already learned a song about a hat with three corners and are starting to learn the numbers.  It is viel Spaß!

All classes are eagerly looking forward to delving into The Easter Story in French as we celebrate  – Joyeuses Pâques!

Merci beaucoup for your continued support and enthusiasm for Primary French learning.

À bientôt,

Madame Fletcher, Primary French Teacher

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