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Primary Book Week wrap

  • October 29, 2020

Primary Book Week wrap

This year every class participated in Book Week themed iDiscover lessons. Flashbacks of these lessons will be shared via Facebook over the next few weeks, but we’ve included some student reflections below that capture a glimpse of the exciting activities we completed. We also enjoyed daily first break activities and a ‘Relax and Read’ time with staff at the second break, that culminated with milo and marshmallows last Friday.

The cat and dog bookmarks were so much fun! I went home and made more; including a bunny, guinea pig, snake and cheetah. Riley Year 2

We loved decorating the Thingamajigs. It was fun and creative. They all turned out amazing! Madison & Sinead Year 3

I liked how we had to switch around the drawing to make a new picture for our curious creatures. It was challenging, frustrating & fun all rolled into one! Year 4 Student

I have especially enjoyed the Curious Creatures theme this year. Mostly because of the drawings each of the Upper Primary students made to create new curious creatures.  Using the help of the lovely Librarians, we switched papers throughout the lesson to add to each other’s curious creatures. I have loved coming to the library in the mornings to puzzle over the truly curious creatures. I have also seen other people looking at them excitedly, gazing in wonder at their classmate’s drawings and showing their friends which ones they made. Xane Year 4

I hope we get to do this again! I have loved making the bookmarks. Darci Year 5

This week I have enjoyed coming to the library each break to create corner bookmarks that are animals! I’ve also enjoyed going on the iPad and coding with Scratch Junior, where we make moving creatures, videos and games. I’ve loved drawing with my friends and showing my work to others. I’ve also loved admiring the wonderful preserved animals. I’ve loved having caring teachers around to help and enjoy the fun, but most of all I love seeing my friends having fun! Book Week is the BEST! Amelia Year 5

I loved drawing an imaginary place in the library. For Book Week our focus is “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds”. We had the absolute pleasure of doing a fun activity where we could draw an imaginary place to let our ideas flourish through our illustrations. I designed a world of adventure where every day you can go to a special library, pick an adventure, press a button and learn about topics in a fun and different way. I thought that it could be a marvellous way to learn in an imaginary world. You actually step into the book and it magically makes you small and takes you to the adventure. I had a wonderful iDiscover time and thought the activity was fun! Oliver Year 6

Vanessa McKellar, Teacher Librarian

GCC families can see all the photos here on Pixevety.

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