Prep Puppet Theatre Presentation - Glasshouse Christian College

Prep Puppet Theatre Presentation

  • July 28, 2022

Prep Puppet Theatre Presentation

The Prep classes recently had a fabulous incursion.  It was gorgeous. Kevin from “Evergreen Puppet Theatre” took us on a calming, educational journey through an imaginary rainforest, called “Rainforest Experience”.   

All through the presentation, we listened to a relaxing soundtrack of rainforest sounds and gentle music. Through Kevin’s use of puppets, we were introduced to many shy creatures of the rainforest, including a scrub turkey, pademelon, a red-eyed green tree frog, and many beautiful birds including a kingfisher and a satin bower bird, who loves to collect blue objects for his nest (bower) to attract a mate. They almost seemed like real creatures! 

Kevin spoke about how we can care for this precious environment by making sure we don’t drop litter and how when we enter a rainforest we should “stop, look and listen”. Each class was spellbound for the whole presentation.  It inspired some very nice writing pieces afterwards. 

Heather Dodwell, Prep Team Leader

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety here.

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