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Prep Maroon garden makeover

  • May 16, 2022

Prep Maroon garden makeover

If you have walked past the front of the Prep Maroon classroom, you may have noticed the “makeover” that has happened in our class garden. It was looking a bit tired and sad, with our chrysanthemums, parsley and a very dubious pineapple plant, but not anymore! Recently one of our students and his family kindly donated their time, money, and garden expertise to transform our class garden into our own wonderful Kitchen Garden. 

Jasper and his family operate “Blackwattle Farm” (Bed and Breakfast and Farmstay) and know lots about growing their own produce. They have kindly planted thyme, rosemary, sage, snap peas, marigolds for the bees, Greek basil, sweet basil, and have stashed some garlic in there too. They have even bought us our very own little (yet to be named) garden mascot! Jasper has written labels for each of the new additions (he could identify them all himself) and can tell the class about them. It’s all mulched and fertilised, too. WOW!!! What a beautiful gift to the class. Thank you so much, Emma, Mark and Jasper. You are amazing. 

It looks great!  We are feeling very blessed!  With the current weather conditions, it is certainly being well watered in at the moment! Thanks again Jasper and your family!  We are certainly going to have yummy things to taste when the plants grow.

Heather Dodwell

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