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Pastor’s Pen: Is Learning a trudge or joy?

  • February 27, 2020

Pastor’s Pen: Is Learning a trudge or joy?

You might think that when you leave school your learning journey is over…but nothing could be further from the truth! Life is one big adventure of learning. 

Even our own Pastor’s team, Syd is completing his Masters of Theology, Isaiah is studying to be ordained, Fi is completing her Theological degree this year, Donna and Josh are studying Ministry. In fact, Joc is the only one not doing official studying [having already completed her theological degree] though she is learning all about being a mum to her beautiful baby, Summer!

Last weekend we all went away to stay in Hervey Bay to attend a Vital Training Course. On Saturday and Sunday we waded through two 12 hour days, from 8am to 8pm of learning! We all made many discoveries over the weekend that we can apply to our roles as Pastors. 

We learnt how best to support students in their life journey so that we could teach them how to live to their potential. We learnt how to create a paradigm in our groups of  “No rules, No fear, No lectures”. We also learnt how to work more effectively as a team with our time, resources and honour of each other.

On Monday we all reflected at the end of the day how the training had already changed our interactions during the day in positive ways and we are now spending time discussing how we can continue to implement our new learning.

Students often view learning as a trudge, something to be endured, something to be avoided! However, learning can be life-enhancing and life-changing. How can we as parents model this to our children? Why not share something you have learnt and how it positively impacted your life with your children? Maintain a positive mindset about learning and it’s potential for joy and you will influence your children’s view regarding learning.

As I reflect back on my life, the very best thing I ever learnt is that there is a God that created me and loves me and wants to be in my life. This has been the most life-enhancing and life-changing learning ever. The joy from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is incredible. 

In 2 Peter 3:18, a book in the New Testament part of the bible, Peter challenges us to “ grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”. My desire is to never stop learning about my amazing Saviour Jesus Christ and to live graciously towards others as He acts towards me. 

Why not open your bible and see what you can discover about Jesus Christ this week? If you don’t have a bible let the Pastor’s know as we would love to gift you a bible.

Fiona Cran, College Pastor

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