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Our ocean friends

  • March 12, 2020

Our ocean friends

What is life like for a Sea Star? What happens to a turtle if it eats a plastic bag? Why do Sea Urchins have such spiny skin? All of these questions and more were answered on Monday, when Ocean Life came to visit our Year 5 classes. As a part of our science unit, we are looking at the special features and behaviours that animals have to help them survive in their environments. Richard and his underwater team came along and taught us all about what life is like for our fishy friends. 

We were able to get up close to a Baby Brownbanded Bamboo Shark, to gently touch a range of sea creatures such as Sea Stars and Sea Cucumbers and we learned a lot about each creature as we went! Did you know that a Sea Star actually makes it stomach come out through its mouth so that it can absorb the algae off the rocks and then when it has had enough, it pulls it’s stomach back inside? AMAZING!

We had a great time learning all about these wonderful sea creatures and the fabulous features they have that allow them to survive in their ocean habitats.

Donna Andrews

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