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New Music uniform

  • February 15, 2018

New Music uniform

It is a very exciting time for our College with the introduction of a new Music uniform in both the Primary and Secondary School ensembles (the same uniform for bands and choirs). This is a turning point in the development of our Music Department. Miss Hilton and Mr Yusupov are aware of the costs involved with uniforms and we have tried as much as possible to keep the costs down. We understand that until we have second hand uniforms in circulation, it is a substantial outlay of money to purchase a new uniform. However, in the instance of the boys uniform, we are using the secondary boys’ tie. Hopefully, this item of the uniform is something families won’t have to purchase later on once their child enters Middle School.   

We have a desire to enter our music ensembles in more competitions and performance opportunities. For music ensembles, much like sporting teams and dance troupes, it’s important to present our students and represent the school as a highly polished group with a sense of professionalism. We believe that if students feel comfortable on stage and dress smartly, they will feel proud and perform to their best of their abilities. Many private and state school music ensembles have music uniforms that come at an additional cost to individual families.

GIRLS: Will need to purchase the black tunic. The design of this tunic was chosen by Secondary girls. We believe it’s a modern but feminine look compared to what other schools provide for their girls. The tunic will be in the traditional musician black with maroon ribbing (instead of the beige in the image below) and embroidered with the College logo. Below is an image of the tunic provided by the company who has designed the uniform. Girls can either wear black dress pants with socks or a skirt with stockings and black shoes.

BOYS: Will need to purchase the black shirt, embroidered with the school logo and maroon school tie (Years 7-12 boys will already have this tie as part of their school uniform so will not need to purchase another tie). Boys will also need to wear black dress pants (not jeans), black socks and shoes.

Orders need to made by completing this Google Form: Payment then needs to be received either through the Uniform Shop or online through An order of uniforms cannot be ordered through the uniform company until payment has been received.

Ebony Hilton


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