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  • November 26, 2020

Music News

Ensemble Night

On 9 November the Instrumental Music Department showcased the College’s Ensemble Program. Due to COVID, the department lost many of their performance opportunities and instead ran a night celebrating the wonderful talent and dedication of these students in each of the ensembles offered by the College. Please visit Pixevity to view all the photos taken on the night. 


We have had a number of our Primary and Middle School students once again accepted into SHEP (State Honours Ensemble Program) to represent the College at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Chelsea Brown (violin), Joy Kim (violin) and Madeleine Mullins (vocals) have been accepted into the Middle School South-East Qld ensembles. Chelsea Brown was also selected for the Primary School ensemble along with Luther Capps (cello), Grace Charleson (vocals), Amelia Hughes (violin) and Matthew O’Shea (clarinet). They were chosen from over 2,300 nominations statewide. SHEP gives young musicians the opportunity to work with a team of eminent Australian and Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University conductors. Participants will travel from many parts of Queensland for this innovative and intensive weekend program. The students will have an amazing weekend of meeting new people, playing with other students of their age from different schools and performing in the beautiful Queensland Conservatorium of Music Auditorium. Congratulations students on working hard and being accepted into this program!

2021 Instrumental Enrolments and Re-enrolments

Many students at GCC have completed a wonderful year of music-making; whether that’s through the Year 3 Smart Strings Program, Year 5 Instrumental Orchestra Program, Year 6 Vocal Program or have chosen to study a musical instrument through private lessons. Everyone associated with the Instrumental Music Program deserves a standing ovation, especially our parents. Because of you, music is an important and respected academic subject in our school and a vital art form in our community. Thank you! 

Yes, scheduled classes have come to an end, but the summer holidays offer many musical opportunities. May we suggest:

  • Enjoyable, stress-free practice time
  • Attendance at live concerts to experience new and interesting musical styles
  • Solo or ensemble performances at church or family gatherings; Christmas Day is a lovely time for your child to stand up in front of the family and perform some Christmas carols
  • Growth in musical taste and understanding by listening to a variety of music.

You, as a parent, can serve as a music educator by guiding your child towards musically oriented activities. Please encourage them to find some avenue of musical expression and not let their artistic language become dormant. It is the most important gift you can give to your child. 

Does your child want to continue their musical pursuits next year? If so, you will need to enrol or re-enrol your child in lessons for 2021. We will be offering instrumental and vocal lessons in the following:

  • Piano
  • Vocal
  • Guitar
  • Percussion
  • Woodwind – flute, clarinet, saxophone (alto, tenor & baritone), oboe
  • Brass – trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba 
  • Strings – violin, viola, cello, double bass.

We can offer these lesson types:

  • Paired lessons $20/student/week
  • Private lessons $32/week
  • Group lessons $15/week (only available to students who completed the Year 5 Instrumental Immersion Program, Year 3 Smart Strings Program or the Year 6 Vocal Program the year before).

You will, however, have to provide your child with their own instrument. We do have limited instruments available to loan. Please discuss instrument options with Miss Hilton. The College also recommends discussing instrument purchasing and rental options with Shake It Up Music in Nambour.

If your child wishes to continue their musical pursuit, please complete the 2021 Instrumental & Vocal Lesson Enrolment Form

2021 Ensemble Rehearsals

Students, on reaching an appropriate standard, will be encouraged to become involved in a broad range of musical experiences beyond regular lessons. The College provides opportunities to participate in a number of different ensembles. It does not cost to participate in the ensembles but we will ask you complete the 2021 Music Ensemble Attendance form early next year.

On commitment to these ensembles, students will be required to purchase a music uniform through our Uniform Shop. 

If you have any further questions regarding instrumental music lessons at GCC, please do not hesitate to contact Ebony Hilton at

We have exciting plans for the coming year and we anticipate continued positive growth in our music program. 

Thank you again to those parents for being strong advocates of music and, in particular, for your support of the Music Department here at GCC. 

Have a lovely Christmas and a safe holiday.

Ebony Hilton, Instrumental Program Coordinator

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