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Middle School News for 7 February

  • February 5, 2014

Middle School News for 7 February

Welcome old and new families and students to a new year!
This year our theme is How GREAT is our God – focusing once again on our GREAT values of Godliness, Respect, Excellence, Attitude and Teachability.
As we reflect on this, perhaps all the questions parents and students have about this year are placed in a better perspective. For example: Will my child be successful this year? Will they have good friendships and positive relationships with their teachers and the other staff at GCCC? Will they enjoy the year and have fun? Will they resolve any issues well?
The answers begin with a God who loves us wholly and unconditionally; who made us each with a unique set of talents, gifts and a wonderful personality; and, who demonstrated through Jesus, a life that shows how to hold fast to truth and justice while at the same time show humility, compassion and mercy.
So, this year – as you celebrate or struggle remember this is what we believe in. Come and see us, drop us a line, or encourage your child in knowing this fact.

Year Level Coordinators and new PC (Pastoral Care) teachers for 2014

Year 7 7G  Mr Matt Ware (Year Level Coordinator)
7M  Miss Nadine Fleming
7W  Mrs Primrose Kombanie
Year 8 8W  Mrs Kerri-Anne Draper  (Year Level Coordinator)
8M  Mr Jarrad Pienaar
8G  Mrs Sonya Kadel
Year 9 9G  Mr Russell Modlin   (Year Level Coordinator)
9W  Mrs Cassie Mc Kenzie
9M  Ms Colleen Crase

If you need to contact someone regarding your child’s school life – please email or ring these people in the first instance.

Calendar Dates for Middle School this term

Parent Info Evening Wednesday 5 February (Next week) 6.30pm
Swimming Carnival Friday 7 February
Yr 8 Launchpad Tuesday 11 February
MS Leaders Induction Wednesday 12 February, 8.30am – 9.30am
Yr 9 Launchpad Thursday 13 February
Yr 7 Launchpad Friday 14 February
School Photos Thurs 27 March and Catchup on 06 March
Yr 7 Canberra Camp Week 10 this term
Yr 8 Mary Valley Camp Week 10 this term
Yr 9 Pindari Camp Week 5 Term 2

PE Uniform days
At GCCC, two days/week are allocated to each class based on their Sport and PE days to wear PE uniform for the day. All other days, formal uniform must be worn. Students, who study ‘Extended HPE’ or Dance, will need to bring their PE uniform to school and get changed in the breaks. The allocated PE Uniform days are

  • All 7 Tuesday and Friday
  • 8G/8M Tuesday and Friday
  • 8W Monday and Friday
  • All 9 Wednesday and Thursday

Homework Expectations and Assessment

Here is a table of the school’s guidelines for homework.

Year Level

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

            Homework              Allocation 70 minutes/day or 5 ½ hrs/week 80 minutes/day or 6 ½ hrs/week 90 minutes/day or 7 ½ hrs/week
Maths 30 min x 3 times/week 40 min x 3/week 40 min x 4/week
Science 30 min/ x 2 times/week 30 min x 2/week 40 min  x 2/week
Humanities 30 min x 3 times/week 40 min x 3/week 50 min x 3/week
French 30 minutes x 2 times/week 30 min x 2/week 60 min/week
ElectivesChristian St.HPE 50 min/week 40-50  min/week

While the elective subjects, do not as a rule set homework, there may be class work or assessments that need to be polished or finished at home.  If there is no set homework a student should be revising work learnt and covered in class.

High predictors of solid academic scores are directly correlated to how much a person reads. So please encourage your child to read AND to make it a regular habit.


This year we have placed a new operating system on all iPads. This system enables us to place a variety of restrictions on the school iPads. We have restricted:

  • Downloading of ‘explicit’ censored material such as podcasts and music
  • In-app purchases
  • iMessage


Glasshouse offers a myriad of extracurricular opportunities for our students. Many of them are at no extra cost and staff voluntarily give of their own time. Here is an overview:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before School Vocal Group / Ballet classes / Swimming practice (7.30am) Swimming practice (7.30am)
2nd Break Secondary Dance Extension classes MS Chapel Band / MS Dance Troupe Dance Extension classes / Vocal group practiceFrench Club
After School Drama Club High School Band 3.00 on After school sport Dance Extension classes
Homework club in Library
Musical Rehearsals

Looking forward to a productive and wonderful year.

Jacq Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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