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Middle School News 21 November 2014

  • November 19, 2014

Middle School News 21 November 2014


Finishing well is a high priority at our school. As we come into the last few weeks of this school year please remind your children that coming to school on time and fully equipped is still important. At this time of year, assessments are occurring and even after the formal items are completed, teachers have planned learning activities that require students ready to learn and be fully involved. Our school finishes a week early as we do work right up to the last day of the year.

2015 Achievements

In the past few weeks we have witnessed some great achievements with our Middle School students from the Quest Gifted and Talented competition where our team placed first to our Middle School soccer girls’ team winning the Sunshine coast grand final. Also our 7 and 8 soccer boys and 9/10 soccer boys both placed third. And, a few weeks ago, the Year 9 and senior dance troupe placed first at the World Cup Cheer and Dance competition. Congratulations to all those hard-working students and of course their teachers and other support staff who give over and above their required ‘teaching hours’ time to give our students these opportunities – often. We wish our Quest Team all the best at this weekend’s state competition.

Musical evening

By the time you are reading this you may have also had the pleasure of enjoying the Musical evening – a showcase of the talent in this field that has being developed this year. And, if you were to walk around the Middle School classrooms at the moment, you would witness performances, speeches, finishing touches being placed on projects and the culmination of skills being demonstrated in all of our classes.


Alongside this – it is always encouraging to come to this part of the year and to see the growth of our students not only academically but also in maturity on so many levels. As teachers write reports over the next few weeks, they reflect on this growth and I commend our many and varied students for these observable changes.

Year 9 Rite of Passag

Our Year 9s especially are at the end of their Middle School phase and have been very involved in considering what it means to become an adult through the Rites of Passage program.  A huge thank you to Mr Modlin, Ms Colleen Crase and Mrs Cassie McKenzie who have been involved in delivering this program this year.

Some Reminders

  • Return of iPads – Thursday and Friday of next week. Students need to ensure they have completed their back up by Thursday. It will be too late on Friday or even Thursday!
  • Year 9 Rites of Passage day at Mt Coolum – Friday week 8: Year 9s have a
  • Year 9 Aussie World day and evening Dinner Dance – Thursday Week 9. Tickets should already be purchased. It is hoped that parents will attend to celebrate this milestone with their child.
  • Collection of books and laptop for 2015. The library will be open for this Tuesday 20 – Friday 22 January
  • Year 7 Orientation Day – Tuesday 27 January
  • Year 8 and 9 first school day – Wednesday 28 January

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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