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Middle School News

  • June 21, 2018

Middle School News

Here are a few snippets from things that have been happening in Middle School in just the last few weeks. Many of these occur because the Glasshouse staff see a need or have a passion or vision and go the extra mile to make it possible for our students to do or achieve these great things. And, some of them happen because this is what we do at Glasshouse!

Duke of Edinburgh camp – what a wonderful experience these students have had! Thanks, Mr Kasselman. From swimming in remote waterholes, walking in lush rainforests and cutting up the birthday cake with a camping knife – it was a blast. GCC Families can see all the photos on Pixevety

Projects being polished and completed in these last few weeks:

Year 9 stools and Year 8 Music items

How clever are these art students! I would be happy to buy one of these if they were for sale.

SCISSA sport opportunities

Well done to our various sporting teams this term – Mr Beattie and his team of coaches and managers have created great memories along with some outstanding achievements this term. More than I can even briefly list in this spot. What a blessing to our kids.

Engineering club  

Did you know we have a small team of Year 8 students working on a Hot rod project. Thanks Mr Hampson you are the highlight of these students’ week.

Student of the Month

Each month the Pastoral Care teachers put forward the name of three students from each grade that they would like to acknowledge. Often they are the students that quietly go about their business without fuss and work hard on all tasks. Congratulations to these students for being GREAT!

French pizza party  

Fifty-eight students won a certificate in this year’s Language Perfect Competition. Glasshouse came 2nd for French in QLD and 1st in our category. Well done to these students. This is almost double compared to last year.

Unlimited program

Some of our Year 8 boys have been involved in a program that culminated in a Low ropes course. This was run by Pastor Rob and assisted by Mr Osberger. I have enjoyed seeing their grins in the last few days when they were asked about this program.

Grit week

Our year 9s have had some stretching opportunities this week to build their resilience and endurance. They had the honour of building a legacy for our community by planting trees in the Glasshouse area. Thanks to the Year 9 Pastoral Care teachers who ran this program – I think they win the ultimate Grit and Resilience awards for doing this at the end of term – even when their mountains of marking and report writing are still waiting to be done.

Something worth discussing with your children

A recent speaker presented to our Year 8 and 9 students on the topic of Sexting. It would be worth continuing the conversation on this topic. Sharing and/or possessing revealing pictures of a person under 18 years old is a chargeable offence. Respecting and valuing each other and themselves is the most important part of your conversations. While your child may not be one to post, share, ask or receive, many and most of them will be in positions to influence those who might and so your conversations on how to care for and protect their friends may make all the difference in another young person’s life.

Semester Reports

These will be sent out at the end of the mid-year break. Parents will be notified by email once these have been uploaded to the Parent Portal.

From the Middle School staff – we pray your children have a wonderful opportunity to: learn outside of the classroom over the next few weeks; an opportunity to refill their batteries; and, some great family, friend and ‘time-out’ times

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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