Middle School News 20 March 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Middle School News 20 March 2015

  • March 18, 2015

Middle School News 20 March 2015

Opportunities and Self Discipline

Well done to so many of our Middle School students who are working hard to ensure they meet deadlines, complete homework tasks and involve themselves in extra-curricular activities. Parents/carers – please continue to encourage, congratulate and hold the bar high on what you expect of your child. Not just academically but also how they spend their free time and how they interact with others. While a child will be motivated by their own goals and their own ‘WHY’ for doing their best – accountability and the certainty that someone will be checking or expecting to see results is an important aspect of ensuring the highest outcomes for your child. These measures will serve merely as a reminder for their own moral compass that has been set by family and friends and reinforced by school and other important people.

Banking – A penny saved is a penny earned. Benjamin Franklin

It is important that a child learns the value of sharing and saving and how to spend wisely. This week, we had a Commonwealth bank representative speak at assembly. Have a chat with your child about this important topic. If you are interested in utilising the banking service offered by CBA – please ask at our admin office for forms. Once signed and returned, your child can bank by dropping off money and forms weekly to the Admin office.

BullyBackOff App:

This week is National Anti-Bullying week. We often cover what the definition of bullying is in our assemblies and classes. We usually cover a statement along the lines of: Something that occurs to me repeatedly that I don’t like. It’s important that students REPORT this if it does not go away. On our CONNECT site we have a form students can click on where they can report incidents of bullying or where they are concerned for another students’ well-being. They can choose to remain anonymous. Cyber-bullying has become an insidious means of bullying that can go unnoticed. This App: BullyBackOff is a password protected mobile phone app with built in settings to block and report messages classed as threatening. It sends out a strong message that the threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

“When BullyBackOff is installed on a phone, its settings will detect a text message suspected of excessive language. The message sender and the message receiver are notified by text that the message has been blocked, reported and saved for future reference.”

“A nominated third party, such as a parent, guardian, or other will be notified of the suspected threat.”  BullyBackOff also blocks outgoing excessive and threatening language.

Trip to Noumea for French students. This is a great opportunity to extend and consolidate French for interested language learners. As well as real-life learning experiences in the French language while travelling in Noumea, there are several intensive language lessons planned as a part of the itinerary. Information and applications for this trip are available from the Secondary Admin office or can be downloaded from our website. Applications and first deposit of $350.00 are due NOW.

Other Extra-curricular programs

Our school also offers many out of school hours programs such as in Instrumental Band, Music, Drama, Dance, Reader’s cup challenges, Debating and Creative writing the list often changes as things are made available. Also, on Thursday from 3 – 4pm, there is homework help in the Library. Teachers take turns to be available to assist students if they need a little extra help. Remember, the library is generally open before school and after school until 4pm for students to find a quiet work space to study.

Islander Day Fundraiser

Tuesday Week 9, 24 March is this term’s Middle School fundraiser. For a gold coin donation – students can wear an Islander ACCESSORY such as a straw hat, coloured bandanna, flower lei (necklace), or other flowery type accessories.  All money raised will go to children in the community we support in Fiji.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School


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