Middle School News 12 June 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Middle School News 12 June 2015

  • June 10, 2015

Middle School News 12 June 2015

Last week’s Athletics Carnival was a great success. A big thanks to our expert and well-organised HPE Department, maintenance men for set up, teachers, teaching assistants and parents for helping run the events AND for our great students who participated to the best of their ability and with good sportsmanship and a positive attitude. The tally at the end of the day was incredibly close due to the involvement and participation from all students. Final results will be posted at the end of this week after the remaining events have been run.

Congratulations to our French students who came first in Queensland for their category in an intense online ‘Language Perfect’ Competition, with one of our Middle School students winning an ‘Elite’ Award.

Nepal Day

Tuesday, 16 June. Students are encouraged to donate generously towards our fundraiser for Nepal. It will be a casual dress day where students are allowed to wear red, white and blue. Clothing must be at least two of the three colours and in line with our non-uniform day policy where students must wear clothing that is sunsmart, modest and appropriate for the work they are doing in their various subjects (which will require covered leather shoes).

Teachers will be in the process of marking assessments and writing reports over the next few weeks. It is vital students prepare well for tests and hand assignments in by the deadline. Failure to hand in work on the due date will result in an after school detention. Students and parents can access all the necessary information about the work, revision sheets, assignments and due dates on the Learning portal. Reports will be emailed to parents and guardians in the last week of school holidays. Next term, students will lead a conference with their parents and teachers, in week two, to discuss their progress and learning goals. Emailing the subject teacher If there are specific concerns is an excellent way to continue supporting your child in their particular classes.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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