Maleny Show 2019 wrap - Glasshouse Christian College

Maleny Show 2019 wrap

  • June 4, 2019

Maleny Show 2019 wrap

We had a fantastic time at this year’s Maleny Show and I’m very proud of our Aggies and the Hospitality students.

Produce wins

Despite a bit of a difficult season growing fruit and vegetables for the Aggies, they did exceedingly well at the Maleny Show, securing Champion Vegetable Collection, nine firsts, three seconds and two thirds in the produce section. Particular credit must be given to Cherie McLeod and the Year 10 Horticultural student group!

Poultry success

The GCC Rhode Island White poultry enjoyed some amazing success, with a first for our very handsome rooster and beautiful pullet that was hatched on the ag plot as part of our breeding program. We also managed to come away with a third for our Australorpe hen. Incredible success for our first year into Rhode Island White breeding!

Student presentations with pizazz

The GCC Agricultural Science and Hospitality students did exceptionally well presenting in the Small Farmers tent. The Aggies presented on hydroponic farming, providing a demonstration on how to set up and run a small hydroponic system for lettuce, whilst the Hospitality students did a fantastic presentation on how to cook Rosella Jam, which tasted sensational! A massive thanks to the amazing students that volunteered their time: Kate, Georgia, Hayley, Hannah and Laura.

Jade King, Head of Agricultural Science

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