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‘Perceptual Motor Program’ (PMP) for Prep

  • June 4, 2019

‘Perceptual Motor Program’ (PMP) for Prep

You may have seen some exciting things happening in the Prep outdoor area in the mornings. Four mornings a week we begin our day outdoors in small groups, with physical activities monitored by parents and staff. The program aims to start our day moving little bodies and ‘waking up’ brains, ready for a day of learning in Prep. It is not meant to be competitive but encourages teamwork.

The twelve activity stations include throwing and catching balls or bean bags, climbing, crawling, using the balance beam, skipping, hopscotch and similar whole-body movement activities. We also include an eye-tracking station, where the only body part you move is your eyes. The children complete three of these activities each morning.

PMP is designed to improve things like coordination, stamina, balance and confidence in our Preppies. Studies have shown that stronger neural pathways are built through targeted physical activities involving both hemispheres of the brain, many of which involve ‘crossing the mid-line’.  As staff, we are looking forward to seeing the benefits of the program within classrooms, as the year progresses.

Not only is PMP good for the children, it is a whole lot of fun (even on these chilly winter mornings)! Thanks so very much to the many generous parent helpers who make the running of the program possible.

The Prep Team

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