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Luther Heights Year 6 Camp

  • February 20, 2019

Luther Heights Year 6 Camp

On Monday 11 February, Year 6 headed to the beautiful coast near Coolum to the Luther Heights Youth Camp. The students were put through their paces mentally and physically for three days as they battled their way through a variety of team challenges. The activities included a giant flying fox, low ropes, raft building and beach games. The mornings began with a special devotion run in small groups and the evenings closed with a campfire and games. It was a wonderful way for Year 6 students to reflect on themselves as collaborative and constructive members of various teams and groups.

Below, the students reflect on what they enjoyed and what they learnt from the experience.

It was great when…

“…we made the rafts and our raft went across the lagoon and back and the other team was in the Titanic!” Will 6M

“… when we went on the flying fox because I got to fly in the air, do flips and go on it with my friends.” Noah 6W

We learnt …

“…how to encourage people a lot more and to make really good friendships with people.“ Chloe 6M

“…to get out of my comfort zone and be a bit more BOLD!” Izzy 6G

“…about encouraging others, teamwork and how to do many things and activities. (Also how not to build a raft!)” Nicholas J 6W

“… a lot about putting others before you, and we learnt a lot more about God and ways to connect with Him. I also learnt about overcoming my fears and encouraging others.” Saige 6W

“… how to have a good influence on people.” Archer 6G

And finally,

“I really liked how all of the people who were there were nice and friendly and everyone welcomed each other and it was a really happy environment.” Charlotte 6G

“I loved Luther heights and I am pretty sure lots of other kids will agree with me that the camp rocked. We went down zip-lines and built rafts to go across the lagoon and we learnt to work in a team. THANK YOU LUTHER HEIGHTS.” Oliver 6M

GCC Families can see all the photos here.

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