Library News 6 February 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Library News 6 February 2015

  • February 4, 2015

Library News 6 February 2015

A warm welcome from the library team as we commence the new year. We look forward to meeting new families across the College and continuing to support teaching and learning at GCCC. We have begun planning our events for the year and are excited about what’s in store for 2015!

Koorong Kids and Scholastic Book Clubs

The Koorong Kids and Scholastic Book Clubs have commenced this week, providing families with access to a range of affordable quality books, music and gifts. Please note that Book Clubs are running from Prep – Year 7 only this year. Families will receive two issues per term of the Scholastic Book Club (only one issue in Term 3 due to Book Fair), and one issue per term of Koorong Kids. Orders for Issue 1 are due on Wednesday February 11.

Scholastic have redesigned their brochures in 2015 to provide one Book Club catalogue per child for Prep, Year 1 and 2, 3 and 4 and 5, 6 and 7. Each brochure is curated for a particular year level/levels and is bigger and better offering an expanded selection of choices and a wider range of Extra specials. A full set of all brochures is available to view in the library or you can go online and to view them all at

New Payment Options – 3 Easy Ways To Pay

  1. LOOPLinked Online Ordering & Payment System is available for Scholastic orders: Simply download the Loop App or go to to select our school and order and pay by credit card. No need to fill in the order form or send anything back to school! This will be our preferred way to order by credit card in 2015. Please see the LOOP instructions on the next page for more details.
  2. Cash – Return the order forms to the library with correct payment. Orders need to be made separately for each Book Club and be placed in the Scholastic or Koorong Kids boxes in the library foyer.
  3. Cheque – Cheques need to made payable to Scholastic Australia for the Scholastic Book Club or to Glasshouse Christian College for Koorong Kids orders.
  1. Scholastic Golden Tickets in Issue 1 OrdersScholastic will be distributing 2000 Golden Tickets, ranging in value from $2 to $20, among Issue 1 orders. Tickets can be redeemed at any time on Book Clubs throughout 2015. Please let us know if you discover a Golden Ticket via email at in your Issue 1 order and we will publish the winners in an upcoming newsletter.

Homework Club

Homework Club starts this week and will be run every Thursday afternoon in the library for Year 7-12 students. It is a great opportunity for students to seek 1-1 support from teachers and library staff.  Specific research help sessions will be run at particular times during each term to assist students preparing for their assignments.  Students can pre-book a session by contacting Mrs. Morris at the library or via email.

Text Books

Middle and Secondary texts have been loaned out to students. It was wonderful to meet so many families during the week prior to school, when they came to the library to collect laptops and textbooks. Texts issued this year included a range of print and digital titles that can be used at home and school. This year many subjects across Year 7-10 are using eBooks via their Macs. The library keeps hard copy versions of many of the titles and students are welcome to come and borrow a copy whenever they need.

Students have been reminded of their responsibility for looking after resources. Please encourage your child/children to regularly check they are using the copy they borrowed. It’s recommended that books borrowed by students are kept safe and not left in classrooms even when used regularly. All books remain the responsibility of the student who borrowed them. They are to be cared for respectfully and kept in good condition. Textbooks are to be returned directly to the library by the student not via staff or other students. A replacement cost will be required for unreturned books or books damaged beyond repair.

Secondary Book Club

Secondary Book Club will commence in Week 3. Secondary students keen to share about their latest ‘great read’ can meet with Mrs. Morris on Wednesdays at second break.  Come along and find out that keen readers make interesting conversations – just one of the many benefits of reading.  Also… stay tuned for more news about the launch of e-book loans from our college library later this term.

See you in the library,

Vanessa McKellar and Beryl Morris

Primary and Secondary Teacher Librarians

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