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Senior School News 6 February 2015

  • February 4, 2015

Senior School News 6 February 2015

Welcome to Senior School in 2015.  A particular warm welcome to our new students.  We have had a busy but very rewarding start to the year.  It was wonderful that most families had used the Administration Days that were offered at the end of the holidays to get all their uniform and equipment ready.  As a result, we were able to start studies from day one without the usual disruptions of sorting out textbooks, laptops and the like.

Our Theme for 2015 – Unity

The College theme for this year is Unity and we have based this on Psalm 133:1 “How good and pleasant it is when we live together in Unity.”  Unity has so many dimensions and we look forward to discussing this with students over the year.  As educators, both parents and teachers, we are united in wanting to provide the best educational outcomes for our students/children. We are looking forward to working together to achieve this goal.

New Staff

We welcome two new staff in Secondary, Mr Gary Asplin who is teaching in the Design and Technology Department and Mrs Cynthia Slack who is teaching in the English Department.

Awards to Students

At our first assembly we recognised three sets of award recipients:

  1. Courtney Sinclair – College Captain 2014

Although Courtney has graduated from the College, we wanted to recognise a special award she received over the holidays.  Courtney came second in the nationwide competition, “My First Speech” that was open to all students in Years 10-12.  She was flown to Canberra over the holidays and also received a monetary prize.  I’m pleased to say that the College also received a $250 award. To see her speech go to the link

  1. Savanah Dawson – Year 12

Savanah was awarded a Credit for her studies in her Headstart program last year.

  1. Achievement Certificate recipients – The following students were awarded certificates for achieving Very Good for effort in all their subjects or all but one subjects at the end of Semester 2, 2014.
Semester 2, 2014

Students who achieved Very Good for effort in all subjects or all but one subjects

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Jordan Bull Holly Dodwell Anneliese Hughes
Natasha Hoeksema Isabelle Westaway Calista Theron
Otto Coulstock Lani Kombanie Jarrad Hofman-Agar
Rory Tait Nichola Bates Madeline Kinsley
Jesse Woods Talia Rosa-Denham Troy Fullerton
Kyle Bullard Victoria Thomas Hayden Snow
Alisha Mens Anna Graham Jayden Hills
Dakotah Davis Liam Thompson
Holly Colvin Monique Newell
Jayde Treloar Savanah Dawson
Miles Dawson Katie Todd
Nathan Schafer
Pallas Johnston
Tyler Dickens

Senior Leaders’ Retreat

On Thursday last week our Year 12 College Leaders went away for a retreat to help plan the year ahead and also consider a vision for what they want to achieve.  We had a wonderful time.

Senior Student Expectations

Uniform – please familiarise yourself with the uniform expectations.  There are a few changes this year. You can view the complete uniform policy on our webpage here:

In particular –

  1. House Shirts – House shirts are now a compulsory part of our College Uniform.  Student must have one of these shirts and they are expected to be worn at all sport carnivals as well as every Legacy cup event.  The College is aware that some shirt sizes have run short but this will be rectified quickly.  On the 27 February, the entire Senior School will be involved in the Clean Up Australia Day as part of the Legacy Cup.  We will be working in the community going through local parks and streests and we want all our students dressed in the correct House uniform as they will also be acting as ambassadors of the College.
  2. Hair – for boys, hair must be no longer than the lower earlobe on the sides and the shirt collar at the back.
  3. Jewelery – No visible body piercings are allowed other than for girls, a single plain stud in the lower earlobe.  Clear studs in noses etc are not allowed. Students are only to wear a single ring that has no protruding stones.  No necklaces, bracelets or anklets are allowed.
  4. Makeup – No makeup is allowed.

Homework – Senior students do not have a designated amount of time they need to do homework for.  This really depends on their particular course of study and career pathway.  For most students, it is anticipated that they will be doing at least 2 hours homework each night (Monday – Friday).  Please contact your childs teachers if you are concerned that they are not doing effective homework.

Assignments and Extensions – Please note that teachers cannot issue extensions for assignments.  Mr Steffler, the Dean of Studies is the only person who can issue an extension in Senior.  Extension request forms can be downloaded off Connect and handed to Mr Steffler with supporting evidence for any extension request.

Care and Concern & Bullying – We are determined to help students who need support. On our Connect website, Seniors are able to log a Care or Concern form if they are aware of another student who may be struggling with issues. Likewise if they are aware of a student who may be being bullied another form can be completed and this will be investigated completely.

Coming Up….

Middle, Senior & QCS Information Evening – next Wednesday evening (11 February) is a combined information evening.  We have tried to assist parents by placing these all on one night to minimise the need to come to the school on multiple nights. The Middle School Information session is on first at 5:30 – 6:30 and the Senior School session is on from 6:30 with QCS starting at 7:00. Senior and QCS Sessions are being held in rooms G3,G4,G5.

Study Skills: 2 March – On 2 March, all Senior students will be involved in a study skills program.  We will also be holding a Parent Information Evening (6 – 7pm) to help you understand the study skills we are teaching students to use and to answer any questions you may have about encouraging students to study effectively.  This is a very important evening so please place it in your diary.


Red Cross Youth Ambassadorsany student who would like to become a Red Cross Youth Ambassador is invited to see Mr Heyworth for details.  Students will need to attend a training day held in Maroochydore on 3 March.

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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