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Katie Ellett’s NYSF Adventure

  • February 15, 2017

Katie Ellett’s NYSF Adventure

In January of 2017 I was given the opportunity by Rotary and GCC to attended Session C of the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in Canberra. The NYSF is a 12 day live in program that takes place at the beginning of every year at various universities around Australia, I attended the NYSF at Australians National University in Canberra.

During the two weeks I participated in a variety of lab visits and lectures. I gained exposure to every corner of science, from quantum physics, to solar energy, to bio-medical engineering. I got to listen to lectures from some of Australia’s best scientists.

One of my favoured lectures was from Professor Tanya Monro, who is a Lecturer at the University of South Australia who provided me with knowledge about Photonics, the science of light and platform technologies of the future, which was something that I had little knowledge about prior. This lecture was held in the Australian Academy of Science’s Shine Dome, which is one of ANU’s innovative science buildings to reflect the innovative nature of science. (group photo is in front of shine dome)

My highlighted lab visit was a visit to Canberra’s Deep Space Communication Complex which is in partnership with CSIRO and NASA.

This opportunity came about through Rotary who is a founding partner of NYSF. I was very privileged to be nominated by The Rotary Club of Glasshouse Mountains. Rotary plays a huge part in the NYSF sponsoring a number of students to attend the January sessions. They also support to the students on session, as well as in transit. Without the work that Rotary does the NYSF would not be possible.

To be able to attend I also had the schools support behind me, with Mr Doolan presenting the opportunity to me early in 2016.

The program was a remarkable opportunity that I am grateful to have received. And I cannot speak highly enough of the experience as a female interested in a STEM career. I would encourage families with teenagers passionate about a career in STEM to have their child/children apply during their Year 11 year.


Katie Ellett, Year 12

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