Introducing our GCC sponsor children Tadiwa and Lawrence - Glasshouse Christian College

Introducing our GCC sponsor children Tadiwa and Lawrence

  • March 8, 2018

Introducing our GCC sponsor children Tadiwa and Lawrence

Tadiwa and Lawrence live in Zimbabwe, Africa. GCC have been sponsoring these boys for five years and we have seen a huge difference our support has made in their lives.

Meet Tadiwa

Tadiwa Chinaka is 12 years old and lives with his grandmother. The whereabouts of his mother is unknown, as she left the village when Tadiwa was a young child. Before joining the sponsorship program, Tadiwa had not attended school, as his grandmother is unemployed and she cannot afford the school fees or uniform.

Tadiwa loves to play soccer and works hard at his school work.

Tadiwa receiving gifts from GCC last year

Your sponsorship support provides Tadiwa with an education: school fees, uniform and books. It also gives him a nutritious daily meal; basic medical aid and a birthday present and family Christmas hamper each year.

Without your support, Tadiwa’s life would surely be very bleak.

Introducing Lawrence

Lawrence Musingaende has two sisters. Both of his parents are blind and spend their time begging for assistance around the bus stops and streets. Before the sponsorship program, Lawrence’s parents found it hard to raise enough funds to send him to school and Lawrence’s schooling had been very patchy.

Lawrence is now 18 years old and finished school last year. In a country where unemployment is rife, it is important he transitioned from school to a stable job. Through the Vana organization, Lawrence has been able to secure a part time traineeship as a tailor, making school uniforms. This is such a blessing for Lawrence as he is the sole breadwinner for his family and now has an opportunity to support himself and his family.

Lawrence signing his traineeship agreement

Your sponsorship pays Lawrence to be trained for three days a week and provides a nutritious daily meal. The other two days Lawrence has the time to devote to a family garden and helping at home.

Both boys are sponsored through Vana Childcare Ministries. Lawrence and Tadiwa and their families value and appreciate the support students give, as their lives would be very different without the love, prayers and support of our primary students.

Students can help raise funds by doing jobs around the home.

It is important that students have ownership of the sponsorship program, so we ask that each child does some small jobs to earn money for Lawrence and Tadiwa. Donations can be made to classroom money boxes at any time and is collected at assembly each week.

In the past, students have given generously and we have been able to support both boys. Sadly, this year has not started well and we are behind in donations. Please talk with your children about the many blessings we have in Australia and the ways they can help and support others less fortunate than ourselves.
Thank you for taking this wonderful opportunity to support Lawrence and Tadiwa. 

If you would like more information about Vana Childcare Ministries, visit or email

Nicole Jen

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