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Glasshouse Rotary Club Presentations

  • May 8, 2017

Glasshouse Rotary Club Presentations

On Tuesday night 20 March, Year 12 student Katie Ellett and Year 10 students Sarah Mens and Casey Woods made short presentations to the Glasshouse Rotary Club monthly meeting. Katie talked about the fantastic experiences she undertook in Canberra where she attended the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF). She expressed her gratitude to the Glasshouse Rotary Club for providing her with financial sponsorship to attend this two-week Science forum. Casey and Sarah outlined their experiences at another Rotary sponsored initiative namely the ConocoPhillip’s Science Experience which was held by various Universities about Brisbane. Casey and Sarah also thanked the members of the Glasshouse Rotary club for their financial sponsorship which enabled them to attend this Science experience in early January this year. Any students who are interested in attending the NYSF or the ConocoPhillip’s Science Experience in 2018 please see me to register your interest.

Mr Doolan, Head of Science

Katie Ellett

Casey Woods and Sarah Mens

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