Year 5 Art Exhibition - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 5 Art Exhibition

  • May 8, 2017

Year 5 Art Exhibition

At the start of Term 2, parents, grandparents and special friends joined us in Year 5 for an afternoon of art appreciation. It was an opportunity to see what we had been learning and making during our art lessons in Term 1 and the focus was on Self Portraits and self expression. The students learnt that as an artist paints a portrait of themselves they are the only ones who can paint not only the outside, but what the artist is like on the inside. This unit was designed to help students to see themselves through the eyes of different styles of art and to present themselves in different ways.

Our Year 5 classes had an art exhibition on the 21st of April at Glasshouse Christian College. We created a variety of self portraits and one example was depicting ourselves as Superheroes. Everybody’s art was so colourful and amazing. My Nan and my mum came and we all had a great time looking at all of the art that the children had produces.

During the exhibition, everyone could also participate in a variety of activities like taking a photo in the super hero portrait booth, creating designs with coloured shapes, frame ourselves and we also got to draw ourselves on a biscuit. “Yummy!”

By Rachel Hatcher 5M

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