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Glasshouse Christian College Check Mate’s Chess Competitors

  • May 8, 2017

Glasshouse Christian College Check Mate’s Chess Competitors

Our two teams performed really well on Friday, 28 April and we brought home some medals by placing equal third in the teams event. To earn this our students had to play against the stronger players in this division of the tournament. The students in this team were Mitchell Wood, Matthew O’Shea, Jasper Tait and Josiah Monos. Special mention should go out to Mitchell and Matthew because they finished close to the top of the individual standings as well, having won five of their seven games. All of the boys in this team received a medal for their efforts.

Our second team performed well, exceeding their own expectations. That team consisted of Arno Mens, Brianna Cannington, Dominic Blinston and Lize Kasellman. Some of these players did not have a great deal of time to prepare due to being the late inclusions we had to find due to the unavailability of our Yr5 students.

We have organised for the Chess Club to operate in the Library for each Wednesday. Some Yr6 leaders will be present, with myself, to supervise, assist etc. There is not a lot of room, but potentially we will have a few more on the back of the student’s efforts today.

Mark Bowman, Gifted and Talented Program

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