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GCC’s first kid’s worship album … on it’s way!

  • May 13, 2020

GCC’s first kid’s worship album … on it’s way!

How it came about

Last year was filled with many new things. One of them being the idea to provide a space for our Year 5-6 students to engage with God through singing, songwriting, dancing, and praise. In a short number of weeks, this became a passion and highlight for many of our Year 5-6 students. One thing led to the next, before the idea to record a GCC kids album quickly arose. Term 3 lunchtimes launched into students reading scriptures, writing worship songs, and learning them before Term 4 rolled around and we found ourselves recording a complete 12 songs! Not exactly knowing what this would turn out like, we decided to commit to it in faith, trusting that God might use these beautiful children, along with the help of our Year 11 Chapel Band (2019), to record something beautiful. 

Well … skip a few months, and we find ourselves on the road to sharing these songs with you. The songs currently sit in the hands of Craig Ross (Goodlife Worship Pastor and Recording Producer), who is mastering the songs at present. We are hoping that by July these songs will be readily available through Itunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc., for you to freely listen to.

Why such a project? 

Psalm 33.3  ‘Sing joyfully to the Lord. It is fitting to praise Him. 
Sing to him a new song; play many instruments and shout for joy.’

Praise is powerful. Words are powerful, and for some reason songs are catchy! Kids love music and music has the ability to impact us both inwardly and outwardly. Music is good, but not all music is healthy. If you took a moment to reflect back to your era, I’m sure there are a handful of songs that have stuck with you throughout your life and have shaped you in some way, shape, or form. At GCC, and through this album, we hope that the ears of young ones will have the chance to listen to Godly GCC-birthed music, encounter a true and living God, and respond to His love by singing songs of praise and thanks.  

We can’t wait for you to hear it! 

The GCC Pastors

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