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Ag Science fun learning using Zoom

  • May 13, 2020

Ag Science fun learning using Zoom

Ag Science is one of those subjects that is obviously best taught outside and hands-on, but the Aggies have done amazing with online learning and have attempted to bring a little Ag to the Zoom lessons as well as adding some outdoor activities throughout the lessons.

Year 10 Ag Science chose to bring their animals to Zoom, Year 10 Ag Practices headed outdoors, Year 11 went all out with Akubra hats and Year 12 brought the plant world into their Zoom classes.

Whilst online learning has been a challenge, there is a very positive note for Agricultural Science and Practices, with the Covid-19 situation highlighting the absolute importance of our agricultural industry. I think we are all very blessed to live in Australia where our farmers are the best in the world, producing sustainably and productively, with the very best science backing them.

The Aggies certainly have an amazing opportunity in Ag if they choose that direction for their future.

Jade King, Secondary Teacher and HoD Agriculture

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