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GCC Aggies Warwick Excursion

  • August 30, 2022

GCC Aggies Warwick Excursion

Year 10 Aggies have just returned from a most exciting trip to Warwick for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Hermitage Plant Science Awards Day. As a part of this trip, the students also had the opportunity to visit Wonga Plains Feedlot run by Camm Agriculture, Sovereign Poll Dorsets owned by Chris Rubie and then an amazing farmstay at Bestbrook Farm. Here are some thoughts on their excursion by the Aggies.

Wonga Plains Feedlot by Claire

I went to Wonga Plains Feedlot with my year 10 ag science class, and we got a tour of the feedlot. It was a wonderful experience to learn how the mill operates and about the various types of feed that are provided for cattle. The opportunity to observe so many different breeds of cattle and observe how well they are cared for was undoubtedly a highlight. Despite the wet weather, the feedlot was very well maintained and set up. It was quite eye-opening to get to witness firsthand what it’s like to work at a feedlot. The staff was so welcoming and intriguing to listen to, it was a truly unforgettable experience.

Sovereign Poll Dorsets by Bronte

On our Year 10 agriculture science trip, we went to some incredible places but the one that stood out the most was Poll Dorsets. It was such a great experience. Sam Rubie taught us some amazing facts about the sheep and the ram. My favourite part especially was learning about the different meat on a ram.

DAF Hermitage Plant Science Awards by Ruby

During our year 10 Agriculture Science camp, we went down to Warwick to tour and received our awards from the DAFF Hermitage Plant Science Competition. In this competition, we came second overall and I received the Year 10 Arts award, runners up in the Crawford Fund, a highly commended for my written assessment and received a Certificate of merit.  During our time at the DAFF research centre, we also looked at different plants like mung beans and barley, along with how to keep our crops safe from pests when storing them, how the biosecurity dogs work and the amazing mosaic art piece done by one of the local artists in Warwick.  This was such an amazing experience for us and also coming second in this world national competition is an outstanding achievement for us. 

Bestbrook Farmstay by Paton

Our stay at Bestbrook was amazing. The people there were so hospitable and kind and the food was delicious. All four of us had a house to ourselves and our own beds which made us feel very independent and trusted. We got to go talk to the dancing cockatoo and play on the really cool playground. In the afternoon the horses came up to the house and were very happy for us to give them pats and cuddles. One of the best parts though was the fireplace inside because we roasted marshmallows.

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