Farm and Feed Day - by Jade King - Glasshouse Christian College

Farm and Feed Day – by Jade King

  • September 1, 2020

Farm and Feed Day – by Jade King

As part of Glasshouse Christian Colleges’ annual Farm and Feed Day, the Aggies hosted an open farm day and showcased their knowledge and understanding through guided tours across the farm. This included the Ag Praccies showcasing their fence straining capabilities and what they have built so far, along with their sheep management skills. The Year 10 Agricultural Science students demonstrated their in-depth knowledge of animal anatomy and physiology when presenting on ruminant (cattle) and monogastric (poultry) digestive systems. Finally, the Year 11 Aggies showcased their AgriTech knowledge, and the winners of the Plant Science Conference Awards presented their research findings from their investigations. The rest of the Year 11 Aggies were sensational tour guides taking many guests around the farm and answering all the questions that came from their visitors.

This year we had so many special guests, including Ross Hopper from Maleny Dairies and Matt Golinski from The View restaurant Noosa. Ross Hopper generously supplied all of the dairy products as well as a hamper for the winners of the AgriTrivia. Massive thanks to Maleny Dairies and we urge all to support this wonderful local dairy. Matt Golinski spoke to the guests about the importance of farmers and making the connection with food and reducing local milage to get food to our plate. His support for local agriculture and agribusiness is incredible and he certainly was a very welcome guest on the day.

A final massive thanks to all our local farmers who provided the freshest and best local produce for the event. Sami Minchev for the wonderful avocados and pumpkins, Ian Fullerton for the most impressive pineapples, Mandy Schultz for the delicious strawberries and herbs, and finally Wayne and Kristin Dellaway for the superb passionfruit! We are seriously blessed to live in the most amazing food paradise!

Jade King, Head of Agricultural Studies

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