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Expectations: Primary News

  • June 3, 2021

Expectations: Primary News

We are continuing with our strong focus on high expectations and the five expectations that the children are reminded about each day are:

Excellent behaviour – Behaviour appropriate to the situation
Language and kind words – Swearing at school is non-negotiable
Respect – Towards adults and fellow students   
Manners – Please and thank you 
Presentation – Wearing our school uniform with pride in and out of school

Having high expectations means believing that our children should always strive to achieve their best.  Raising expectations is not about being strict. It is quite the opposite. When we set G.R.E.A.T expectations, our children are more likely to meet those expectations. The expectations we hold of our children are important in determining their academic and social outcomes.

Expectations about attending school

Currently we are finding ourselves in a situation where children are away on holiday during term time and the class teacher and I have not been contacted or notified.

In the Principal’s Blog on the 11 February this year, Mike Curtis clarified the school’s position on extended holiday periods during the school term.

There are times, due to illness (with a medical certificate after three days) or other family circumstances, that students may need to take an extended absence from school. However, the Queensland Education Department states that holidays during term time should be actively discouraged.

This is a reminder that if your child is going to be absent from school for an extended period (i.e. 11 consecutive days or longer) please make an appointment to meet with me or email me with the details with as much notice as possible, before the period of absence. You will also need to complete an “Exemption for Compulsory School Participation” form and this will be sent through to Mike Curtis, our College Principal for approval.

As per Mike’s article, “If the form is approved it means that the child’s absence will not be considered as part of their overall absence allocation, which is ten days in the calendar year. It will also mean that the child’s teacher will construct a learning program for the child while they are absent. Without an approved application, the days that the student is away will be recorded as a normal absence.

Unfortunately, in nearly all circumstances, holidays will not be considered as a valid reason to be absent from school and, as a result, the form and the absence will not be granted an exemption. This doesn’t mean you can’t go on holidays but while your child is absent it will be recorded as a normal absence.”

Please be aware that teachers will not be required to prepare work if absences during term time are due to extended holidays.

By attending class regularly, your child is more likely to keep up with daily lessons and tasks. Research has shown that your child’s regular attendance may be the greatest factor influencing his/her academic success.

Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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