Duke of Ed - Susan River Homestead - Glasshouse Christian College

Duke of Ed – Susan River Homestead

  • September 12, 2019

Duke of Ed – Susan River Homestead

The Duke of Edinburgh Award at Glasshouse Christian College is a source of great pleasure, growth, contribution and adventure for the students who have chosen to pursue the Award. This year there are 13 students enrolled in the Gold Award. They have already completed the Bronze and Silver Awards to access this most prestigious level. 

For the Gold Award, students are required to participate in 12 months of service to the community, 12 months of physical activity, 12 months of learning a new skill, a five-day residential program outside of their normal environment and two, four-day adventurous journeys.

Our first Gold Award Adventurous Journey for 2019 was an expedition to Susan River Homestead. Students had the opportunity to go on two horse riding expeditions and a hike on the beautiful 1600 acre property. Many beautiful memories were made on this trip. The owner was so impressed with the impeccable manners and behaviour of our students that he organised a bonfire for us every night, invited us for dinner next to the Susan River and even took us out to feed the livestock on the farm.

Two of our students are due to complete the first two Gold Awards in October 2019. We are very proud of them and the tremendous effort that it has taken to get to this point.

Bert Kasselman, Head of Christian Studies

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