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Escape Rooms – time, tenacity and teamwork!

  • September 12, 2019

Escape Rooms – time, tenacity and teamwork!

As part of  Book Week celebrations, the library once again hosted ‘Escape Rooms’ – an exciting challenge for Secondary students to ‘break-out’ of a small space (aka a Media Suite). This year the Escape Rooms were themed ‘The Lost Mummy’ and required teams of students to use their reading, decoding and problem-solving skills to solve 3 main challenges. Their goal was to escape the ‘Lost Tomb’ in the shortest amount of time. Focus and teamwork combined with reading skills and brainpower were needed to stay on task and solve the clues. 

The winning team for 2019 – Adelie, Lili-Jean, Amelia and Lize (Year 8) took on the challenge with enthusiasm and tenacity, winning by a clear margin, finishing with a time 15 minutes ahead of their closest rivals. Well done girls! The 2018 winners (Scott Roy, Aden Draper and Mackenzie Clow – Year 9) joined forces to attempt to defend their title and although zealous in their efforts, they placed as the runners up for 2019. Other highly commended teams were the Year 7 girls team – Grace Palmer, Meme Lewis, Lily Smith and Ebonee Kroger and the Year 8 boys team – Dominic Blinston, Lachlan McGilvray, Hudson Cameron, Lachlan Henderson and Luke Kossen.  Excitement and sometimes bewilderment were experienced by the students and ultimately a sense of accomplishment for those teams who cracked the codes and triumphed in ‘escaping’ the tomb! It was fantastic to see so many teams competing this year and we look forward to hosting another great challenge for Book Week celebrations in 2020.

Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarian

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