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Design Technology Innovations – Inspire, Design and Create

  • September 7, 2023

Design Technology Innovations – Inspire, Design and Create

Over the year, students have been exploring the way things work. Year 9 Engineers investigated the amazing world of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic principles for powerboat design. They used this knowledge to design, create and race a prototype power boat in a 4-metre water tank. 

Powerboat photos and video

Year 10 “Legends of Speed” explored the world of Formula 1 aerodynamic principles – lift, drag, downforce, weight and friction – involved in race car design. In teams, they created balsa wood prototype CO2-powered Formula 1 cars to compete in the annual GCC C02 Formula 1 Championships.

Competition was exceptionally close with the fastest time over the 20 metre track being 1.34 seconds. First place – Troy Ward and Cameron Twidale, Second place – Emma Henselin and Third Place – Isabella Morgan, and Summer Rein.

Formula 1 Photos + video

Students also explored off-road vehicle suspensions and then designed and constructed an off-road electric vehicle with independent suspension. 

Off-road vehicles

Year 11 Industrial Technology students investigated the mechanical and electrical design of RC 4WD Rock Crawler trucks as part of their automotive studies. They completely dismantled and reassembled the vehicles and learnt about the modifications that enhance the suspension performance. However, the highlight of the term was testing their skills and endurance to drive these vehicles to their limits on the 4WD track, constructed in the gardens of the College. 

Year 12 Engineering Mine Escape Rescue Vehicles

Year 12 Engineering students studied civil structures to design, construct and load test a tower crane prototype as part of a civil engineering project for the new Norfolk Island community jetty. Other investigations included engineering a MERV (Mine Escape Rescue Vehicle) which was needed to effectively carry the rescue payload and have a suitable suspension for transversing the undulating surfaces of a mine. 

Brad Hampson, Head of Design Technologies

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