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DeLorean showcase

  • November 23, 2017

DeLorean showcase

The DeLorean students of 2017 have had quite the excellent adventure. The culmination, of which, took place last Thursday evening. The flexible learning space of L8 was transformed into a market style arena, with each group manning their own booth promoting their project.

Parents, Staff, Year 9 students and mentors from across the community were invited to share in this wonderful celebration of achievement. The Year 10 students, the stars of the show, were exactly that. While, as a cohort, they can tend to be reserved in their affection, they certainly shone brightly and with animation as they shared with their guests their journey of the past 10 months. Some students have experienced phenomenal highs throughout the year and others have had their shares of stumbling blocks.

At every juncture, the team of facilitators has encouraged the students to embrace all failure and to view them as the place where amazing things begin. The Year 10s presented their projects to their guests, who were suitably impressed. Throughout their DeLorean journey, students have been pushed to go beyond their comfort zone, to embrace the unfamiliar, to boldly believe in themselves and to think outside the proverbial box. All in all, the Year 10 cohort demonstrated themselves to be creative, collaborative, insightful and innovative – characteristics which will serve them well for life.

Colleen Crase

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